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Trump Turns to Manufacturing Executives to Help Develop Jobs Plans

February 24, 2017
Julie Hirschfeld Davis | The Washington Post
President Trump turned to manufacturing executives on Thursday to help him develop measures to do just that, giving powerful business leaders a potentially influential hand in shaping his still-evolving economic policies.

The Obama Legacy: From hope and change to achievements and setbacks

December 23, 2016
What Barack Obama accomplished and what remains undone after eight years.
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Federal Reserve raises interest rates for second time in a decade

December 15, 2016
Jim Tankersley | The Washington Post
The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate on Wednesday for the first time in a year and signaled that rates could continue to rise next year.
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SoftBank CEO Tells Trump He’ll Invest $50 Billion in Startup

December 7, 2016
Scott Moritz, Jennifer Jacobs | Bloomberg Politics
SoftBank Group Corp. Chief Executive Officer Masayoshi Son told President-elect Donald Trump he would create 50,000 new jobs in the U.S. through a $50 billion investment in startups and new companies.
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The workers who have the most at stake in this election aren't white men

November 3, 2016
Jim Tankersley | The Washington Post
The story of the 2016 presidential election has been the revolt of the white working class, pinched by globalization and frustrated by social change. But in terms of public policy, they are arguably not the workers who stand to gain or lose the most from the election result.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

Were Wells Fargo employees under unfair sales pressure?

September 20, 2016
Wells Fargo chief John Stumpf apologized before Congress Tuesday for the bank opening two million unauthorized accounts. Regulators say workers were under sales pressure, but Stumpf said it was not a scheme. More than 5,000 workers have been fired; lawmakers suggested the bank’s CEO is the one who should pay the price. Gwen Ifill talks with Michael Corkery of The New York Times.

Michelle Obama hits the campaign trail, candidates' health takes center stage and voters ask "Is America still great?"

September 16, 2016
First Lady is an effective surrogate for Hillary Clinton and pessimism is "deeply ingrained" with many Americans

Health, Taxes and Birtherism: The debate over transparency on the campaign trail

September 16, 2016
Donald Trump changes course and declares President Obama was "born in the United States."
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