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American Security: An Economy That Works for All

April 15, 2016
Alexis Simendinger | Real Clear Politics
For the third consecutive presidential cycle, the financial crisis that gave birth to the Great Recession will shape the outcome of an election. Americans robbed of wealth and their confidence eight years ago, and pessimistic that either of those missing ingredients will return anytime soon, are debating throughout a rough-and-tumble primary season whether continuity, revolution, or improvisation in the White House would improve their lives.
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Biggest Surprises of 2015 & Star Wars Storm Troopers Invade the White House

December 18, 2015
Donald Trump, energy accomplishments and a functioning government. Plus, Star Wars mania.

Obama Year-End Wrap Up, Sanders Campaign Sues DNC, Congress Passes Spending Deal and Fed Raises Rates

December 18, 2015
Obama's 2016 agenda, Sanders staffer accesses Clinton records and a bipartisan vote in Congress
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What the Fed’s interest rate hike means for your wallet

December 16, 2015
The Federal Reserve is doing something it hasn't done since 2006: raising interest rates. The long-awaited announcement by Fed chair Janet Yellen hikes a key short-term rate from near zero. For a closer look at how the Fed made its decision, Gwen Ifill talks with David Wessel of the Brookings Institution and Tara Siegel Bernard of The New York Times.
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This might be the most controversial theory for what’s behind the rise of ISIS

November 30, 2015
Jim Tankersley | The Washington Post
A year after his 700-page opus "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" stormed to the top of America's best-seller lists, Thomas Piketty is out with a new argument about income inequality. It may prove more controversial than his book...
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

What’s the economic sweet spot for adjusting the federal minimum wage?

November 10, 2015
Thousands of workers walked off the job in as many as 270 cities in a push to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, up from $7.25. Gwen Ifill speaks to Alan Krueger of Princeton University, who believes that wages should be raised, but not so fast and not so high.
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How pot and hippie beer explain the future of the American economy

November 9, 2015
Jim Tankersley | The Washington Post
At first, Jon Turner was just a software guy who really liked to brew beer. He cooked up two batches a week in his kitchen and kept his hard-drinking friends well supplied. He once brewed one pale ale over and over for a year to get it just right. In 2011, at a national conference of home brewers, he fell under the spell of a panel called “Going Pro.”
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