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Trump pledges ‘NO change to your 401(k)’ in his tax cut plan

October 23, 2017
Philip Rucker | The Washington Post
President Trump vowed on Monday that his tax cut plan would not include any changes to tax-deferred retirement accounts such as 401(k)s, following reports last week that House Republicans were weighing a sharp reduction in the amount of income American workers could save through such programs.
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Speaker Ryan turns up pressure to pass tax plan

October 13, 2017
Ylan Mui | CNBC
House Speaker Ryan has been touting an aggressive timeline for passing tax reform.
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In Pennsylvania, Trump Hunts for Democratic Support for Tax Plan

October 12, 2017
Peter Baker | The New York Times
The short trip to the Pennsylvania state capital underscored the complicated politics of the tax fight for the president. The 52-vote Republican majority may not be enough next week to secure a budget measure needed for the tax cuts, given that some of that party’s senators are balking or on the fence.
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Trump to unveil NAFTA proposals that throw the deal into peril

October 11, 2017
Jonathan Swan | Axios
The Trump administration will present controversial proposals for NAFTA negotiations that are expected to attract vehement opposition from Congress, large sections of the U.S. business community and leaders in Canada and Mexico, according to sources with knowledge of the arrangements.
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Speaker Ryan seeks , and needs, a win as he sells tax plan

September 29, 2017
Erica Werner, Marc Levy | The Associated Press
House Speaker Paul Ryan is confronting a career-defining challenge as he tries to sell a GOP tax overhaul that Republicans are counting on to keep them in control of Congress. Many Republicans fear that failure on taxes, coming on the heels of failure on health care, could mean a harsh punishment in next year’s midterm elections.
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Trump's tax reform plan would dramatically lower rates for businesses, some individuals

September 27, 2017
Ylan Mui | CNBC
Republicans will unveil sweeping changes to America's tax code Wednesday in a proposal that dramatically lowers taxes on businesses and many households but remains silent on thorny issues such as how to pay for it all.
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Trumpworld's Hill talking points for tax reform

September 13, 2017
Jonathan Swan | Axios
Axios obtained the talking points the Trump administration sent to Capitol Hill this afternoon, as tax reform talks heat up. It's a window into how the President and his team will be selling their biggest legislative goal for 2017:
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