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The Russia investigation hits the one-year mark

May 18, 2018
What is Robert Mueller's next move?

President Donald Trump shakes up his legal team as showdown over the Russia probe heats up

May 4, 2018
The panelists discussed President Trump’s shifting defense against the Russia probe, the scandal surrounding adult film star Stephanie Clifford, and the escalating confrontation with the Justice Department.

Korean leaders talk at demilitarized zone, more turmoil in President Trump’s cabinet

April 27, 2018
The panelists recapped the historic steps taken by Korean leaders towards denuclearization, turmoil within the president's cabinet, and President Trump’s meetings with the leaders of France and Germany and the latest updates in the Iran nuclear deal.

Latest updates in the Russia probe, North Korea announces plans to suspend nuclear missile tests

April 20, 2018
The panelists analyzed a week that saw the release of memos written by former FBI director James Comey and the addition of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani to President Donald Trump’s personal legal team. And, days after Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo met with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, the country announced its plans to suspend nuclear missile tests and close a test site.

James Comey’s tell-all book makes headlines

April 13, 2018
James Comey’s new book rocks Washington.

President Trump rattles global markets and cracks down on immigration, EPA chief’s future remains uncertain

April 6, 2018
A trade war, crackdown on immigration and turmoil in the Trump administration.

Inside the latest diplomatic showdown, staff shakeup at the Department of Veterans Affairs

March 30, 2018
The panelists discussed the current standoff with Russia, the latest shakeup in President Donald Trump's cabinet, and the recent report claiming the president's legal team considered pardons for two former advisers.

Turnover at the White House, President Trump’s lead attorney in the Russia probe resigns

March 23, 2018
The threat of a government shutdown capped off a wild week of staff shakeups and surprise resignations. The panelists discussed the tumult inside the White House, the president’s evolving defense against the Russia probe, and the omnibus bill.
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