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Trump takes victory lap and strikes deal to save American jobs while Democrats debate the way forward

December 2, 2016
President-elect Trump thanks Ohio voters for his victory and celebrates Carrier's decision to keep jobs in Indiana.

Trump's Transition: President-elect's legislative priorities and cabinet picks

November 25, 2016
Before Donald Trump is sworn in as president, he has to pick the team to help him.

A tribute to Gwen Ifill’s remarkable life and legacy

November 18, 2016
Friends and colleagues gather to remember trailblazing journalist Gwen Ifill.

Trump begins transition to the White House after deeply polarizing election

November 11, 2016
President-elect Donald Trump meets with leaders in Washington to begin his transition to the White House.

The Final Days of Election 2016

November 4, 2016
In the final few days of campaigning, polls show the presidential race tightening.

FBI reviews newly found Clinton emails as candidates make final pitch to voters

October 28, 2016
Eleven days before the election, the FBI is reviewing new Clinton emails.

Trump won't accept election results if he loses as Clinton expands campaign into red states

October 21, 2016
With less than 3 weeks left until Election Day, we get an update on the state of the race.

Trump denies allegations of sexual assault and Wikileaks releases hacked Clinton campaign emails

October 14, 2016
Several women have accused Republican nominee Donald Trump of inappropriate contact over several decades.

Trump's comments about women caught on tape as candidates prepare for second debate

October 7, 2016
In one month and after two more debates, the 2016 presidential election will be in the history books.
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