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Trump won't accept election results if he loses as Clinton expands campaign into red states

October 21, 2016
With less than 3 weeks left until Election Day, we get an update on the state of the race.

Trump denies allegations of sexual assault and Wikileaks releases hacked Clinton campaign emails

October 14, 2016
Several women have accused Republican nominee Donald Trump of inappropriate contact over several decades.

Trump's comments about women caught on tape as candidates prepare for second debate

October 7, 2016
In one month and after two more debates, the 2016 presidential election will be in the history books.

Campaigns build on debate momentum and Congress overrides Obama veto

September 30, 2016
Days after Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's first head-to-head debate, one candidate is trying to build on her momentum while the other is trying to regroup.

National security and policing take center stage three days before the first Clinton/Trump debate

September 23, 2016
The presidential candidates will meet for their first face-to-face debate on Monday.

Health, Taxes and Birtherism: The debate over transparency on the campaign trail

September 16, 2016
Donald Trump changes course and declares President Obama was "born in the United States."

Washington Week in Colorado: Trump and Clinton debate national security as polls tighten

September 9, 2016
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debate who will be the best commander in chief as polls get closer.

Donald Trump visits Mexico and doubles down on immigration plan while Clinton fundraises and makes the case for American exceptionalism

September 2, 2016
Trump visits Mexico and repeats his strict immigration policies in Arizona. Clinton fundraises and adopts a Republican-style embrace of American exceptionalism.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton trade accusations of racism, Trump rethinks immigration and Clinton defends family foundation

August 26, 2016
Trump softens on immigration while scandal still plagues Clinton, this time about the donors to the Clinton Foundation. The two also clash over race.
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