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Obama's Strategy to Combat ISIS and Immigration Reform Delayed

September 12, 2014
President Obama's Counterterrorism Strategy to Combat ISIS and White House Decision to Delay Immigration Reform ...

NATO Summit & U.S. Strategy to Combat ISIL and Contain Ukraine-Russia Crisis

September 5, 2014
Ukraine-Russia Crisis, U.S. Strategy Against ISIL After Another Journalist Killed

Islamic State threat; Russia-Ukraine crisis; American Companies Flee Taxes, Midterm Election Preview

August 29, 2014
Ukraine Crisis, ISIL Threat, Burger King Deal, Midterm Election Preview

ISIL Executes Journalist James Foley; Eric Holder In Ferguson & Rick Perry Indicted

August 22, 2014
The ISIL threat and President Obama's response following the execution of journalist James Foley; Attorney General Holder visits Ferguson, Plus, the felony indictment against Texas Governor Rick Perry. Joining Gwen: Nancy Youssef, McClatchy Newspapers; Indira...

Missouri Teen Shooting, Upheaval in Iraq, Obama-Hillary Rela

August 15, 2014
Ferguson Unrest, New Iraq Prime Minister, Obama-Hillary Relationship

U.S. Begins Airstrikes in Iraq, Kerry Visits Afghanistan and

August 8, 2014
U.S. Begins Airstrikes in Iraq, Kerry Visits Afghanistan and Americans Are Fed Up

Congress: Action & Inaction; Israel-Gaza, Ukraine And U.S. Diplomacy

August 1, 2014
Congress tries to make moves; Israel-Gaza, Ukraine and U.S. Diplomacy

Crises in Ukraine & the Middle East and Immigration Challenges at Home

July 25, 2014
International and domestic crises with Ukraine, the Middle East and immigration

Global Flashpoints and U.S. Foreign Policy Dilemma

July 18, 2014
The multiple foreign policy challenges facing the Obama administration including the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and negotiations on Iran's nuclear program. Also, the latest on the investigation into the Malaysian Airlines crash...
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