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2016 race turns to New Hampshire; Clinton, Sanders debate "progressive" values; Cruz, Trump, Rubio lead Republican field

February 5, 2016
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate one-on-one. Republican race shakes up after Iowa.

State of the 2016 Campaign: Iowa Caucus Countdown

January 29, 2016
Republicans debate but Donald Trump skips out while Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a dead heat.

Political Storm with One Week to Iowa, Supreme Court to Weigh Immigration Plan and Iran Releases U.S. Prisoners

January 22, 2016
Trump and Sanders gaining momentum, SCOTUS to decide on halt of deportations and Washington Post reporter released from Iran

Trump, Cruz dominate GOP debate; Democratic race tightens and President Obama's final State of the Union

January 15, 2016
Republicans debate Cruz's eligibility to be president, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are neck-and-neck and Obama's final year agenda.

Executive Action on Guns, North Korean Nuclear Threat and Countdown to Iowa & NH

January 8, 2016
Obama proposes changes to curb gun violence, North Korea claims h-bomb test and Donald Trump takes aim at Clinton and Cruz

Obama Year-End Wrap Up, Sanders Campaign Sues DNC, Congress Passes Spending Deal and Fed Raises Rates

December 18, 2015
Obama's 2016 agenda, Sanders staffer accesses Clinton records and a bipartisan vote in Congress

Widespread Backlash to Donald Trump's Proposed Muslim Ban

December 11, 2015
Donald Trump grabs the headlines with a proposed ban on Muslim visitors as the Republican Party figures out how to respond.

California Shooters Linked to ISIS, Pentagon Opens All Combat Roles to Women and Why 2016 Polls Don't Matter Yet

December 4, 2015
FBI investigating "act of terrorism," military opens all jobs to women and 2016 politics

Measuring the Mood of America: Concerns About Terror Attacks, Distrust of Elected Leaders

November 27, 2015
How political leaders are keeping America safe and regaining the public's trust.
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