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Senate Republicans debate Obamacare replacement bill

June 23, 2017
Five Republican senators said they can't vote for the current health care bill.

Calls for unity in the aftermath of Congressional shooting

June 16, 2017
Republicans and Democrats came together for a moment of bipartisan unity.

War of Words: Trump and Comey accuse each other of lying

June 9, 2017
President Trump offered a sharp rebuke to James Comey’s Senate testimony.

U.S. will withdraw from Paris climate change agreement

June 2, 2017
Trump says he wants to renegotiate the global climate change.

Russia meddling investigation reaches Trump’s inner circle

May 26, 2017
Trump adviser Jared Kushner is a focus of federal investigations.

New bombshells in Russia investigations hit Trump administration

May 19, 2017
A White House official named a person of interest in Russia probes.

The fallout from President Trump firing the FBI director

May 12, 2017
A discussion about the shifting reasons behind Comey's ouster.

Republicans revive health care reform and Congress compromises on government spending

May 5, 2017
House Republicans passed a plan to replace Obamacare.

Donald Trump's first 100 days

April 28, 2017
The president is learning on the job that governing isn't as easy as he thought it would be.
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