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Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters

The State of YOUR Union

January 12, 2016
As President Obama delivers his final State of the Union address, he will likely tell Congress and his fellow Americans that the state of the union is "strong." But do average Americans outside the Capitol feel the same? We asked people on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to describe the state of the union as they see it in just one word.
Voice of the Voters

Talk Back to Congress

August 13, 2014
As Capitol Hill closed its doors for the summer recess, Washington Week took to the National Mall to ask Americans what they would want to see trending in Congress.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Student Loans

July 30, 2013
Student loan debt has skyrocketed in recent years and is now the second largest form of consumer debt behind mortgages. The Senate has passed a bipartisan compromise that would lower rates in time for the fall semester but it still needs to be voted on by the House. Until then college-bound students are dealing with a lot of uncertainly about their educational plans. Amanda Honigfort of Saint Louis University and Sami-Jo Roth of the University of Arizona report on this pressing political and financial issue for millions of Americans.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: University of South Florida St. Petersburg

November 7, 2012
The competition for female voters this election cycle has been fierce, but no where more than a crucial swing state like Florida where President Obama, Governor Romney and their surrogates have spent a considerable amount of time campaigning. Journalism graduate students May Zayan and Ren LaForme take a look into how female students at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg are considering women's issues as they cast their vote in the 2012 presidential election.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Hampton University

November 5, 2012
In 2008, President Obama overwhelmingly won the youth vote--66 percent compared with Senator John McCain’s 32 percent. But will be carry the same numbers this time around? In the final days of the Election 2012 campaign, student journalists at Hampton University’s Scripps Howard School of Journalism explore the key issues important to youth voters in the battleground state of Virginia. Everleigh McNeil, Nakysha Haywood and Ballah Boakai report on how college-aged voters are responding to both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney’s solutions to students loan debt and unemployment.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Ohio University

November 2, 2012
President Obama and his GOP challenger Mitt Romney have campaigned in the battleground state of Ohio more than any other state this election season. However, neither candidate has spent much time in the Appalachian region of Ohio which is the poorest economic area and has the highest unemployment rate in the state. Journalism students Sandhya Kambhampati, Keara Vickers and Seaira Christian-Daniels of E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University examine how Ohio’s Appalachia has become a blind spot and political casualty of presidential politics.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

October 29, 2012
The once solidly red North Carolina narrowly turned blue in 2008 to help Barack Obama win the White House. Two years later the state reverted to red with a wave of GOP wins in the 2010 midterm election. So in this tight 2012 election will Barack Obama or Mitt Romney win this swing state's 15 electoral votes? Journalism students Averi Harper and Alex Giles of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill report on the issues driving North Carolinian voters to the polls this year.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Hofstra University

October 16, 2012
Vice President Joe Biden and Republican contender Paul Ryan explained how they have integrated their faith into their positions on abortion during last week's vice presidential debate. But what about average voters? Journalism students at Hofstra University, the site of the second debate between President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney explore how a person's religion may influence how they vote. Hofstra students Chris Langlois, Ashley Freeman and Beckett Mufson of Hofstra University report on this story.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Wisconsin Youth

April 2, 2012
As the nation focuses on the republican presidential primary in Wisconsin tomorrow, and as Republican Governor Scott Walker’s recall election heats up, University of Wisconsin students discuss whether political advertisements have an impact on voters, especially younger voters. Are the Presidential hopefuls’ messages getting through? Kate Chappell of the University of Wisconsin – Madison reports.
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