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Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Ohio University

November 2, 2012
President Obama and his GOP challenger Mitt Romney have campaigned in the battleground state of Ohio more than any other state this election season. However, neither candidate has spent much time in the Appalachian region of Ohio which is the poorest economic area and has the highest unemployment rate in the state. Journalism students Sandhya Kambhampati, Keara Vickers and Seaira Christian-Daniels of E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University examine how Ohio’s Appalachia has become a blind spot and political casualty of presidential politics.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

October 29, 2012
The once solidly red North Carolina narrowly turned blue in 2008 to help Barack Obama win the White House. Two years later the state reverted to red with a wave of GOP wins in the 2010 midterm election. So in this tight 2012 election will Barack Obama or Mitt Romney win this swing state's 15 electoral votes? Journalism students Averi Harper and Alex Giles of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill report on the issues driving North Carolinian voters to the polls this year.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Hofstra University

October 16, 2012
Vice President Joe Biden and Republican contender Paul Ryan explained how they have integrated their faith into their positions on abortion during last week's vice presidential debate. But what about average voters? Journalism students at Hofstra University, the site of the second debate between President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney explore how a person's religion may influence how they vote. Hofstra students Chris Langlois, Ashley Freeman and Beckett Mufson of Hofstra University report on this story.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Wisconsin Youth

April 2, 2012
As the nation focuses on the republican presidential primary in Wisconsin tomorrow, and as Republican Governor Scott Walker’s recall election heats up, University of Wisconsin students discuss whether political advertisements have an impact on voters, especially younger voters. Are the Presidential hopefuls’ messages getting through? Kate Chappell of the University of Wisconsin – Madison reports.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Maryland Youth

April 2, 2012
Maryland’s state legislature and governor legalized same-sex marriage this year. How is the issue resonating with young voters as the Republican presidential candidates campaign ahead of tomorrow's presidential primary in the state? What role do they think government plays in the issue? University of Maryland student Jamie Forzato reports.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Louisiana Youth

March 21, 2012
With gas prices on the rise, energy is becoming a dominant issue this presidential election. Heading into the Louisiana GOP primary, how do voters in the Bayou State balance the need to develop energy with environmentalism? How has the BP oil spill changed minds? Student Reporter Colby Wilson from Loyola University New Orleans explores these issues in our ongoing Voice of the Voters series.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Kansas Youth

March 7, 2012
This Saturday, March 10, is the GOP primary in Kansas. Do young voters care more about a candidate’s stance on the issues or their background? Does a politician need to be “cut from the same cloth” as the voters to be popular? What issues matter most to college students in Kansas? We explore these questions with University of Kansas Student Lisa Andersen in our ongoing Voice of the Voters series.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Tennessee Youth

March 2, 2012
The GOP Presidential candidates have rallied against President Obama’s health care reform law, but what does that mean to young voters who can now stay on their parents’ insurance because of the reform? Anna Paterson of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville reports ahead of Super Tuesday.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Washington Youth

February 29, 2012
What influences young voters when deciding which political candidate to support? Washington Week asked students at Washington State University - Pullman ahead of the GOP caucuses in the Evergreen State on Saturday, March 3. Student Veronica Miracle reports.
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