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2012 Elections

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Political Landscape: Colorado

February 6, 2012
Could Colorado be a game-changer in the GOP race for the White House? Colorado State of Mind host Cynthia Hessin explains how the Republican candidates courting voters around the state. Video done in partnership with Rocky Mountain PBS.
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Voice of the Voters: Nevada Youth

February 2, 2012
Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country and a high rate of foreclosures. How is this affecting the youth vote heading into the upcoming GOP Caucus? Washington Week partnered with the University of Nevada, Reno to find out what problems students think should be at the forefront and what issues are unique to Nevada. Student Rebecca Kitchen reports.
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Voice of the Voters: Florida Youth

January 27, 2012
Getting a job in an uncertain economy---that's the number one concern of young voters in the run-up to the Florida GOP Primary. Washington Week partnered with the University of Central Florida to hear student perspectives on the 2012 Election. Details from student journalists Lindsey Taylor & Shannon Garlin as our Washington Week Student Voices feature heads to the Sunshine state.
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Voice of the Voters: South Carolina Youth

January 18, 2012
What issues are voters talking about this election season? Washington week partnered with University of South Carolina journalism students Jenni Knight and Alex Heaton to see what issues are most important to student voters in Columbia, SC.
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Highlights from the South Carolina Debate

January 17, 2012
Washington Week brings you highlights from the first South Carolina debate from Myrtle Beach. The candidates debate negative campaigning, Super PACs, poverty, gun rights, and more.
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The New Hampshire Primaries in Less Than 5 Minutes

January 11, 2012
After two weekend debates and intense campaigning following the Iowa Caucuses, citizens went to the polls to pick a GOP Presidential candidate. We take a look at the candidates’ reactions to the New Hampshire primary results.
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The Iowa Caucuses in Under 5 Minutes

January 4, 2012
A review of the close contest in the 2012 Iowa Caucuses, including Michele Bachmann's decision to drop out following a poor performance at the polls.
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On the Trail: The Iowa Caucuses

December 29, 2011
We take a look at the GOP Presidential campaign in Iowa this week. Newt Gingrich responds to recent attacks by Mitt Romney, Rick Perry touts his outsider credentials and criticizes president Barack Obama’s support of the troops, and more.
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On the Trail: November 29-30

December 1, 2011
As the Republican candidates and President Obama hit the road, Washington Week tracks moments from the campaign trail. November 29-30, 2011.
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