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2012 Elections

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Political Landscape: Illinois

March 16, 2012
A look at the GOP candidates' strategies and campaigns in Illinois: How are local officials getting involved in the race? What issues are coming up as the candidates' campaign? How organized are the candidates on the ground? Springfield’s WSEC Capitol View moderator Jamey Dunn explores the race with local reporters Chris Wetterrich of The State Journal-Register & Mike Riopell of The Daily Herald.
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Political Landscape: Alabama

March 13, 2012
As the GOP presidential candidates head to Alabama and Mississippi for today's primaries, they are dealing with the politics of the deep south for one of the first times in a GOP primary season. What's the lay of the land in Alabama, a staunchly conservative and reliably Republican state, and what matters? Find out from Don Dailey of Alabama Public Television
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Kansas Youth

March 7, 2012
This Saturday, March 10, is the GOP primary in Kansas. Do young voters care more about a candidate’s stance on the issues or their background? Does a politician need to be “cut from the same cloth” as the voters to be popular? What issues matter most to college students in Kansas? We explore these questions with University of Kansas Student Lisa Andersen in our ongoing Voice of the Voters series.
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Webcast Extra | March 2, 2012

March 2, 2012
GOP Presidential race and Super Tuesday; Republican Party unity and general election.
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Political Landscape: Ohio

March 2, 2012
Of the states holding primaries on Super Tuesday, among most closely watched is Ohio. Ohio has 66 of the 419 delegates awarded next week and has seen a slew of negative advertising by candidates and Super PACs. Rick Santorum is leading in the polls, but Mitt Romney has scored some key endorsements from local politicians. Karen Kasler of Ohio Public Television previews the primary.
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Tennessee Youth

March 2, 2012
The GOP Presidential candidates have rallied against President Obama’s health care reform law, but what does that mean to young voters who can now stay on their parents’ insurance because of the reform? Anna Paterson of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville reports ahead of Super Tuesday.
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Political Landscape: Alaska

March 1, 2012
Though Alaska is holding caucuses on Super Tuesday, it hasn't garnered as much attention as states like Ohio. What’s the lay of the land in The Last Frontier, and how could the state’s unique makeup affect which candidate wins? Will former Governor Sarah Palin have an influence on the outcome? Daysha Eaton of Alaska Public Media reports
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Washington Youth

February 29, 2012
What influences young voters when deciding which political candidate to support? Washington Week asked students at Washington State University - Pullman ahead of the GOP caucuses in the Evergreen State on Saturday, March 3. Student Veronica Miracle reports.
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Webcast Extra | February 17, 2012

February 24, 2012
Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul in GOP primary; the Republican budget; Syria.
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