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Some in Congress still unsure if Secret Service has made enough changes at top

January 30, 2015
Carol Leonnig | The Washington Post
Two weeks after the Secret Service forced out four of its top officials, lawmakers are questioning whether the agency should have ousted one more — its influential second-in-command.
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Drone incident at White House highlights long-studied, still-unsolved security gap

January 27, 2015
Carol Leonnig, Craig Whitlock | The Washington Post
The intrusion by a recreational drone early Monday onto the White House lawn exposed a security gap at the compound that the Secret Service has spent years studying but has so far been unable to fix, according to several officials familiar with the concern.
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Device found on White House grounds identified as drone; no threat posed

January 26, 2015
Carol Leonnig, Katie Zezima, Craig Whitlock | The Washington Post
A small drone flew onto the White House grounds early Monday, causing a lockdown at the compound until the two-foot-wide device was recovered and examined, the Secret Service said.
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Surveillance cameras at Biden house provide no clues about gunman

January 21, 2015
Carol Leonnig | The Washington Post
Surveillance cameras at Vice President Biden’s private Delaware residence failed to capture images of the gunman who fired shots near the house on Saturday night, leaving authorities with no leads or suspects, according to government officials with knowledge of the home’s security.
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Four top Secret Service executives told to leave their posts in agency shake-up

January 15, 2015
Carol Leonnig | The Washington Post
The Secret Service is forcing out four of its most senior officials while two others are retiring — the biggest management shake-up at the troubled agency since its director resigned in October after a string of security lapses.
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The Secret Service: Stretched to the breaking point

December 29, 2014
Carol Leonnig, Samuel Granados | The Washington Post
In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Secret Service struggled with expanded duties, more complex security threats and largely flat budgets followed by cuts. Security lapses occurred more often.
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Panel calls for deep changes at the Secret Service

December 19, 2014
Carol Leonnig, Jerry Markon | The Washington Post
An independent panel on Thursday recommended sweeping changes at the Secret Service, saying the elite protective agency is “starved for leadership” and calling for an outsider as director, hundreds of new agents and officers, and a higher fence around the White House.
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