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Trump and Clinton campaign managers clash and how Trump will handle the press

December 2, 2016
Tension abounds at a Harvard post-election review, and our panelists discuss what the press under President Trump will look like.
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How the media covers the president

November 25, 2016
How will President Trump interact with national press?

A tribute to Gwen Ifill’s remarkable life and legacy

November 18, 2016
Friends and colleagues gather to remember trailblazing journalist Gwen Ifill.
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Friends and colleagues celebrate the life of Gwen Ifill

November 18, 2016
Reporters share their favorite stories about Gwen Ifill and reflect on her legacy.
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President Obama: Gwen Ifill was an "extraordinary journalist"

November 14, 2016
President Obama remembered "Washington Week" moderator and "PBS NewsHour" co-anchor Gwen Ifill, who died Monday at age 61. Obama called Ifill a friend and "extraordinary journalist." "I always appreciated Gwen's reporting even when I was at the receiving end of one of her tough and thorough interviews," Obama said. "She was an especially powerful role model for young women and girls who admired her integrity, her tenacity and her intellect."
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

At new museum, relics and treasures reveal U.S. history through African-American lens

September 21, 2016
One hundred years in the making, the National Museum of African American History and Culture will open on Saturday in Washington. The museum presents history through objects both celebratory and sobering -- showcasing everything from Michael Jackson’s fedora to a pair of shackles discovered aboard a sunken slave ship. Gwen Ifill tours the exhibitions and speaks with the people responsible.

Gwen Ifill on the role of debate moderators

September 20, 2016
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will square off in their first presidential debate on Monday. What should the role of the moderator be? "Every debate moderator tries to figure a way to get past the speeches," Gwen Ifill, moderator of the VP debates in 2004 and 2008, told students at Colorado College. "It's a rare opportunity to see a contrast between the two candidates on any issue."
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Donald Trump's meltdown, the debate over debates and Walmart moms face tough choice

August 12, 2016
Inside TIME Magazine's Trump cover story and why some independent voters think 2016 choice is "lesser of two evils."
News You Need to Know

Gwen Ifill wins the 2016 John Chancellor Award

August 12, 2016
| Columbia Journalism School
Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism announced Wednesday that Gwen Ifill is the recipient of the 2016 John Chancellor Award for Excellence in Journalism. The John Chancellor Award is presented each year to a journalist for his or her cumulative accomplishments.
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