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US business leaders say Cuba is still open, at least to them

November 22, 2017
Franco Ordoñez | McClatchy
When the Trump administration unveiled new Cuba regulations, it sparked a fresh round of hand-wringing in Washington over the return to a posture not seen since the Cold War.
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Trump Lauds ‘Great Relationship’ With Duterte in Manila

November 13, 2017
Julie Hirschfeld Davis | The New York Times
President Trump said on Monday that he had a “great relationship” with President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, making little mention of human rights at his first face-to-face meeting with an authoritarian leader accused of carrying out a campaign of extrajudicial killings in his nation’s war on drugs.
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Trump Pitches ‘America First’ Trade Policy at Asia-Pacific Summit

November 10, 2017
Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Mark Landler | The New York Times
It was a strikingly hostile message to an audience that included leaders who had tied their fortunes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a sweeping 12-nation accord that was to be led by the United States, from which Mr. Trump withdrew immediately after taking office
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GOP Rep. defends Korean trade deal Trump has threatened to end

October 12, 2017
Jonathan Swan | Axios
A Republican House leader on trade gave a full-throated defense of the U.S.-Korean trade deal on Wednesday, as anxiety rises in Washington that President Trump is on course to sink the deal.
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Trump to unveil NAFTA proposals that throw the deal into peril

October 11, 2017
Jonathan Swan | Axios
The Trump administration will present controversial proposals for NAFTA negotiations that are expected to attract vehement opposition from Congress, large sections of the U.S. business community and leaders in Canada and Mexico, according to sources with knowledge of the arrangements.
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Hundreds of business leaders call on Trump to stick with NAFTA

October 10, 2017
Franco Ordoñez | McClatchy
Hundreds of business leaders from all 50 states have joined forces to increase pressure on President Donald Trump to remain in NAFTA.
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Democrats target Trump on trade

September 2, 2017
Robert Costa | The Washington Post
Democrats facing reelection next year in states President Trump won are seizing on trade at this early stage as a crucial issue and a Republican vulnerability.
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Mexico warns Trump to back off NAFTA threat

August 31, 2017
Eamon Javers | CNBC
Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray has said Mexico will leave the negotiating table if President Donald Trump follows through with his threat to terminate NAFTA in order to get a better deal with Mexico and Canada.
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