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Obama's record on foreign policy is incomplete

March 28, 2016
Doyle McManus | Los Angeles Times
President Obama wanted last week's headlines to focus on a U.S. diplomatic triumph, his opening of a new relationship with Cuba. But his upbeat moment in Havana was eclipsed by terrorist bombs in Brussels and fears of more attacks to come. That turn of events captured, in an instant, Obama's foreign policy record: success in diplomacy, frustration at war.

Terror Attack in Brussels, Obama's historic trip to Cuba and Republicans coalesce around Cruz

March 25, 2016
After attacks in Brussels, the United States renewed its fight against the Islamic State.
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Obama Praises And Challenges Cubans In Speech In Havana

March 23, 2016
Tom Gjelten | NPR
President Obama's speech to the Cuban people, delivered live from the Gran Teatro in Havana, presented both a risk and an opportunity. He did not want to suggest any endorsement of a system that for more than 50 years has been associated with the suppression of democratic freedoms and human rights. On the other hand, with Raul Castro listening intently from his front row seat in the balcony and Cubans across the island watching on their televisions, Obama was in a position to deliver a message no previous U.S. president could have managed, one that could help heal the long break between the countries.
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On first full day in Cuba, Obama meets with Castro and will address the public

March 21, 2016
Juliet Eilperin, Karen DeYoung, Nick Miroff | The Washington Post
President Obama began his first full day in Cuba Monday in the Plaza of the Revolution, where he laid a wreath at the massive statue of 19th century independence hero José Martí before being formally welcomed by Cuban President Raúl Castro and members of the Cuban government.
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Obama's historic trip to Cuba, Boehner backs Ryan for president and Supreme Court to consider Obamacare contraception mandate

March 18, 2016
Obama will be the first president since Coolidge to visit Cuba.
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With Historic Trip to Cuba, Obama Aims to Accelerate a Policy Shift

March 17, 2016
Carol Lee, Felicia Schwartz | The Wall Street Journal
President Barack Obama will take a bulging schedule with him on his history-making trip to Cuba, planning to meet President Raúl Castro, tour Old Havana, meet with dissidents and deliver a speech on U.S.-Cuba relations, senior officials said, all steps designed to showcase his policy of engagement.
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G.O.P. Foreign Policy Figures Denounce Donald Trump’s Worldview

March 4, 2016
David Sanger | The New York Times
Not that it will bother him much, but Donald J. Trump has lost much of the Republican foreign policy establishment.
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