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Trump campaigned against Muslims, but will preach tolerance in Saudi speech

May 20, 2017
Abby Phillip, Philip Rucker | The Washington Post
Embarking on his first overseas trip as president, Trump plans to do a rhetorical pirouette with a speech Sunday in the birthplace of Islam preaching religious tolerance and inviting Muslims to join the United States in the fight against global terrorism.
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5 things to watch on Trump’s foreign trip

May 19, 2017
Michael Crowley | POLITICO
Although the trip will be shadowed by Trump’s growing problems at home, it could shape his foreign policy in important and lasting ways.
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Israel Said to Be Source of Secret Intelligence Trump Gave to Russians

May 17, 2017
Peter Baker, Eric Schmitt, Adam Goldman | The New York Times
The revelation adds a potential diplomatic complication to an episode that has renewed questions about how the White House handles sensitive intelligence.
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As Trump’s woes mount, congressional Republicans arrive at a moment of reckoning

May 17, 2017
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
As President Trump has lurched from one crisis to another, Republicans have chosen a strategy of compartmentalization over confrontation, preferring to look away in hopes that the storm would pass.
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White House offers shifting explanations of Trump’s disclosures to Russians

May 17, 2017
Ashley Parker, Greg Miller | The Washington Post
The White House offered shifting explanations for President Trump’s disclosure of highly classified information to senior Russian diplomats last week, a scattered defense that began with an early-morning Trump tweet that he had the “absolute right” to share “facts.”
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Trump Shared Intelligence Secrets With Russians in Oval Office Meeting

May 16, 2017
Carol Lee, Shane Harris | The Wall Street Journal
President Donald Trump shared sensitive intelligence obtained from a close U.S. ally with Russia’s foreign minister and ambassador in a meeting last week, according to U.S. officials, potentially jeopardizing critical intelligence-sharing agreements in the fight against Islamic State.
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Mosque snooping suit could impact Trump travel ban case

May 15, 2017
Josh Gerstein | Politico
The stage is set Monday for another major legal showdown over President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban executive order as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hears arguments in Seattle on whether to keep in place an injunction against key parts of that directive.
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The FBI shortlist, a new voter fraud commission and Trump & McConnell's unlikely partnership

May 12, 2017
President Trump is already interviewing possible replacements for ousted FBI Director James Comey.
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Trump Bars U.S. Press, but Not Russia’s, at Meeting With Russian Officials

May 11, 2017
Julie Hirschfeld Davis | The New York Times
When President Trump met with top Russian officials in the Oval Office on Wednesday, White House officials barred reporters from witnessing the moment.
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