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Clues to U.S. Relationships Can Be Seen in U.N. Body Language

September 28, 2015
Peter Baker, Gardiner Harris | The New York Times
As President Obama makes his way through the halls and chamber of the United Nations with all the other world leaders attending the General Assembly this week, it will be a little like a high school reunion with motorcades.
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A smackdown before a sitdown

September 28, 2015
Michael Crowley | POLITICO
Barack Obama’s high-stakes meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin is already off to a tense start. And the two men haven’t even sat down together yet.
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White House Says President Obama and Vladimir Putin Will Meet Next Week

September 25, 2015
Peter Baker, Michael Gordon | The New York Times
In case anyone had doubt, the White House wanted it known on Thursday that it was President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia who asked to meet with President Obama, not the other way around.
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Pope Flies Into Swirling U.S., Global Politics

September 23, 2015
Alexis Simendinger | Real Clear Politics
By the end of this week, anyone close to U.S. politics will have lots (more) to talk about. Pope Francis will be watched around the world during his Wednesday appearance at the White House, followed by speeches to Congress Thursday and to the United Nations in New York on Friday.

Biden Weighs 2016 Run, Clinton’s Email Contrition, Trump’s Surge, Overcoming Iran Deal opposition & Accepting Syrian Refugees

September 11, 2015
Clinton calls private email server “a mistake”, GOP candidates try to take on Trump & the role of the US in the Syrian refugee crisis
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Democratic Support for Iran Nuclear Deal Reaches Critical Threshold

September 9, 2015
Carol Lee, Siobhan Hughes | The Wall Street Journal
President Barack Obama on Tuesday crossed a key threshold in building support for the Iran nuclear deal, winning the backing of enough Senate Democrats that he could avoid having to use a veto to advance the accord.
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The ultimate argument in favor of the Iran deal

August 24, 2015
Michael Crowley | POLITICO
Want to bomb Iran? Then support the nuclear deal. That’s the provocative argument coming from Obama administration officials and other backers of the deal as they promote it before a crucial vote in Congress next month.
United State Capitol
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Divisions and Inertia in Congress May Hand Obama a Victory on Iran Deal

August 18, 2015
John Harwood | The New York Times
Partisanship has become the pre-eminent scapegoat for American political failure, an all-purpose explanation for Washington’s inability to act. Yet in rare circumstances, it can actually guarantee action. So, notwithstanding an acrimonious debate, polarization makes the United States’ acceptance of the Iran nuclear deal very likely.
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G.O.P. Is Vague on Using Power Abroad

August 17, 2015
David Sanger | The New York Times
If the diverse group of candidates competing for the Republican presidential nomination agree on one thing when describing how they would engage with the world if they made it to the White House, it is this: If only the United States were stronger, and more feared, the country would not feel threatened by the Islamic State, manipulated by Iran or challenged by a rising China.
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