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Donald Trump

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Politics In The News: New Hampshire Primary

February 8, 2016
Susan Davis | NPR
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders hold substantial leads in their parties' polling. On the Republican side, the positioning of second and third-place candidates could be significant as well.
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Ahead of N.H. primary, questions for Rubio, Trump and Cruz

February 8, 2016
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
This was supposed to be the strongest Republican presidential field in memory, but with two days remaining before the New Hampshire primary, cracks are showing.
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Trump's populous card 'clever': Larry Kudlow

February 8, 2016
John Harwood | CNBC
CNBC's John Harwood and Larry Kudlow, discuss the big money behind the GOP candidates. You may be looking at a very protracted race,says Kudlow.

2016 race turns to New Hampshire; Clinton, Sanders debate "progressive" values; Cruz, Trump, Rubio lead Republican field

February 5, 2016
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate one-on-one. Republican race shakes up after Iowa.
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In New Hampshire, Trump’s pitch is urgent and his schedule full

February 5, 2016
Robert Costa | The Washington Post
Donald Trump insisted at a rally here Thursday that he does not need the Republican presidential nomination.
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Jeb Bush Attacks Trump Hard in Two-Minute Ad

February 3, 2016
Michael Scherer | TIME
Donald Trump long ago turned Jeb Bush into a “low-energy” punchline. But Bush isn’t done punching back. In a new two-minute ad, which will run this week in New Hampshire, he contrasts the controversial antics of candidate Trump, including a critical clip from Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, with Bush’s own tough-talking campaign stump speech.
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Iowa or Not, Trump Maintains Huge Lead

February 2, 2016
Reid Wilson | Morning Consult
Whether or not he wins the Iowa caucuses on Monday, real estate mogul Donald Trump retains a massive lead over the rest of the Republican field.
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Trump on the Brink

February 1, 2016
Molly Ball | The Atlantic
This was not a hallucination: Here stood Donald J.Trump, on the brink of beginning his unstoppable run on the Republican nomination, raised above a worshipful crowd of humble, everyday Iowans who were bound and determined to make him the next president of the United States.
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