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Donald Trump

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Team Trump Hopes New Approach Will Slice Into Clinton’s Lead

August 22, 2016
Jennifer Jacobs, Kevin Cirilli, Ben Brody | Bloomberg Politics
Donald Trump’s presidential campaign opened its first week under new leadership trying out a number of ways to broaden its support and begin to close the polling gap with Hillary Clinton.
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Trump's link to Seinfeld, Bill Clinton's role as "First Dude," the future of Obamacare and voter ID laws

August 19, 2016
Bill's role in Hillary's presidency, Aetna's withdrawal from Obamacare, a TV sitcom's role in 2016 election.

Trump shakes up campaign staff and expresses "regret" for past comments while Clinton's emails continue to raise questions

August 19, 2016
Donald Trump's leadership team turns over and Hillary Clinton faces questions about the Clinton Foundation.
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Steve Bannon’s Plan to Free Donald Trump and Save His Campaign

August 19, 2016
Joshua Green | Bloomberg Businessweek
Along with campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, Bannon will encourage Trump to cast aside political niceties and aggressively go with his gut.
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Republicans Worry a Falling Donald Trump Tide Will Lower All Boats

August 19, 2016
Jonathan Martin | The New York Times
Senator Patrick J. Toomey, Republican of Pennsylvania, faces an uphill fight for re-election with Donald J. Trump at the top of the ticket.
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Trump's first ad buy totals $4 million

August 19, 2016
Reid Wilson | The Hill
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will begin airing $4 million in television spots in four critical battleground states on Friday, according to a Republican source watching the advertising market.
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Trump staff shake-up highlights a candidate who lost his way in the general election

August 18, 2016
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
The latest shake-up in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is rightly described as a move to “let Trump be Trump.” In reality, the sudden changes highlight the fact that a politician whose instincts appeared so sure during the Republican primaries has lost his way as a general-election candidate. It remains questionable whether he can find the equilibrium and the discipline needed to turn his flailing campaign around.
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