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Trump may come face-to-face with Cruz in Puerto Rico after days of attacking the mayor

October 3, 2017
Abby Phillip | The Washington Post
The attacks on Cruz by Trump, which have been continued on a daily basis by his allies inside and outside of the White House, turned a dispute over the federal response to the devastation left by Hurricane Maria into a personal grudge match.
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Donald Trump blames ‘poor leadership,’ ‘fake news’ after criticism of Puerto Rico response

October 2, 2017
Kelly O'Donnell | NBC
A Puerto Rico mayor’s desperate plea on Friday seemed to trigger a torrent of tweets from President Donald Trump in which he became defensive of the federal response to Hurricane Maria and delivered a harsh critique of the island’s residents.

HHS Secretary Tom Price resigns, Puerto Rico slowly responds after hurricane and GOP releases tax plan

September 29, 2017
Price resigns after spending over $400K on private planes.
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U.S. response in Puerto Rico pales next to actions after Haiti quake

September 29, 2017
Ed O'Keefe, Aaron C. Davis, Dan Lamothe | The Washington Post
No two disasters are alike. Each delivers customized violence that cannot be fully anticipated. But as criticism of the federal government’s initial response to the crisis in Puerto Rico continued to mount Thursday, the mission to Haiti — an island nation several hundred miles from the U.S. mainland — stands as an example of how quickly relief efforts can be mobilized.
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Donald Trump is running out of time in Puerto Rico

September 28, 2017
Franco Ordoñez , Alex Daugherty | McClatchy
Republicans and Democrats have a clear warning for President Donald Trump: Puerto Rico is now a humanitarian crisis and the White House needs to do more.
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Trump paints rosy picture of federal response to Puerto Rico crisis

September 27, 2017
Margaret Brennan | CBS News
President Trump said next Tuesday is the earliest he can visit Puerto Rico without disrupting relief operations. Mr. Trump said Puerto Rico's governor personally thanked him for the federal response, but the president had been noticeably silent about the worsening devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.
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Florida Sen. Nelson praises authorities' "seamless cooperation" ahead of Irma

September 11, 2017
John Harwood | CBS News
Senator Bill Nelson, D-Florida, praised authorities' cooperation while preparing for Hurricane Irma as "seamless."
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