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President Cuts Defense Spending

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New strategy relies less on ground troops and more on naval forces, air power. 

Drone Technology in Hands of Iran?

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U.S. intelligence believes Iranian government has captured a drone plane.

October 21, 2011

Weekly Show

Analysis of possible paths forward in Libya now that Moammar Gadhafi is dead. Will the U.S. play a role in nation building?  President Obama announces all U.S. troops will be out of Iraq by year's end. And why the GOP debates have become pivotal in the 2012 presidential race.  Joining Gwen: Martha Raddatz, ABC News; Doyle McManus, LA Times; Dan Balz, Washington Post; Gloria Borger, CNN.

June 24, 2011

Weekly Show

President Obama’s announcement to begin drawing down U.S. troops from Afghanistan and what it means; the impact on class action suits because of the Supreme Court’s Wal-Mart decision; and the latest on the growing GOP presidential field. Joining Gwen: Martha Raddatz, ABC News; Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times; Nia-Malika Henderson, Washington Post; and Pete Williams, NBC News.

April 22, 2011

Weekly Show

With gas prices on the rise, an S&P report lowering America's credit outlook, continuing debate over the deficit and a stalemate in Libya, President Obama’s approval numbers have declined just at the moment he launched his reelection campaign.  Joining Gwen tonight: David Wessel/Wall Street Journal; Coral Davenport/ National Journal; Dan Balz/ Washington Post and Martha Raddatz/ABC News.

February 25, 2011

Weekly Show

With continuing violence in Libya, Martha Raddatz (ABC News) reports on President Obama’s response toward an unstable Moammar Gadhafi.  Also, Major Garrett (National Journal) & Karen Tumulty (Washington Post) analyze polarization in Washington and state capitols during dramatic budget showdowns. And, Pete Williams (NBC News) on the administration's new stance toward the Defense of Marriage Act.

February 4, 2011

Weekly Show

Protests in Egypt continue into their 2nd week, with escalating violence and dissent spreading in the Middle East.  After urging from the U.S., Egyptian President Mubarak said he will not run for re-election, but pressure remains for him to resign immediately. This week: David Sanger, NY Times; Martha Raddatz, ABC News; Nancy Youssef, McClatchy Newspapers; and James Kitfield, National Journal.

December 17, 2010

Weekly Show

Congress passes a tax deal compromise; the administration’s assessment of the war in Afghanistan; and could a Federal judge's ruling jeopardize the Obama's healthcare overhaul? Plus, the legacy of diplomat Richard Holbrooke.  Joining Gwen this week; Janet Hook (Wall Street Journal), Pete Williams (NBC News), Martha Raddatz (ABC News), and Doyle McManus, (LA Times).

November 12, 2010

Weekly Show

Election fallout continues; the President faces challenges abroad & George W. Bush focuses on his legacy. Jackie Calmes (NY Times) on the deficit commission's draft proposals; Naftali Bendavid (Wall Street Journal) examines leadership battles in Congress; Tom Gjelten (NPR) analyzes the struggles of the global economy as Mr. Obama travels to Asia, & Martha Raddatz (ABC News) on the Bush  memoir.

On the Radar: November 10, 2010

Legacy: On The Radar

Is Obama's Outreach to the Muslims Working?
by Aamer Madhari, National Journal
In his much-anticipated address in Jakarta today, President Obama didn’t offer the rhetorical breadth or ambition of the landmark speech he made to the Muslim world in Cairo last year. Read more