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Mitt Romney Says He’ll Vote for Ted Cruz in Utah Caucuses

March 19, 2016
Beth Reinhard | The Wall Street Journal
2012 GOP nominee says Cruz victories would help deny Trump the nomination
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Presidential candidates offer dark visions to anxious voters

March 12, 2016
Lisa Lerer | AP
In back-to-back debates just miles apart, Democrats and Republicans painted a dark vision of America, a place where jobs are vanishing, leaders are corrupt and threats loom from across the globe.
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Cruz looks to take on Rubio, on the fellow senator’s Florida turf

March 5, 2016
Kate Zezima, Matea Gold | The Washington Post
Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign is moving hard into Florida, where the senator from Texas hopes to knock out rival Sen. Marco Rubio and position himself as the only last alternative to front-runner Donald Trump.
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Ted Cruz calls on other Republicans to consider dropping out after Super Tuesday

March 1, 2016
Ted Cruz won two Super Tuesday states and is the only Republican to beat Donald Trump in any state so far. During a speech in Texas, Cruz called on the other Republican candidates to consider dropping out of the race. "We are blessed with a deep, talented honorable field," Cruz said. " For the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates, I ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together, uniting."
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Donald Trump makes anti-Clinton pitch on Super Tuesday

March 1, 2016
After winning at least six Super Tuesday states, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump made his general election anti-Hillary Clinton pitch to voters in a press conference in Florida. "She's been there for so long," Trump said of Clinton's Washington experience. "I mean, if she hasn't straightened it out by now, she's not going to straighten it out in the next four years. It's only going to become worse and worse."
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