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Republicans and Democrats Brace for a Reality Check

January 30, 2016
John Harwood | The New York Times
American presidential campaigns have never been so thoroughly examined, probed and measured as in this election cycle. And the pollsters and pundits who cover them are about to get a reality check.
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On (and off) a stage in Des Moines, the Republican race in a nutshell

January 29, 2016
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
It was an unreal moment in what has been an unreal campaign.
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As first voting nears, Trump seems stronger

January 26, 2016
Dan Balz, Scott Clement | The Washington Post
Republicans see Trump as strongest candidate on major issues and by far the most electable in the large field of GOP hopefuls.
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What You Missed While Not Watching the Republican Debate in Charleston

January 15, 2016
Michael Scherer | Time
The first Republican debate of 2016 begins with a promise.
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