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Big Donors Seek Larger Roles in Presidential Campaigns

September 29, 2015
Ashley Parker | The New York Times
Before the first Republican presidential debate in August, Julian H. Gingold coached Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin on Chinese currency manipulation and the nuances of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Speaker John Boehner Resigns, Pope Francis’ U.S. Tour & Obama Hosts President Xi Jinping

September 25, 2015
Speaker Boehner to resign in October, Pope Francis addresses Congress, Obama hosts Chinese president Xi Jinping and Scott Walker drops out of the 2016 race.
Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama
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Obama-Putin at the United Nations and the fickle GOP electorate

September 25, 2015
Conflicting agendas for the Obama-Putin meeting in NYC.
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Ben Carson Defends Comments on Muslims

September 23, 2015
Janet Hook | Wall Street Journal
GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson Tuesday stood by his opposition to allowing a Muslim to be president, dismissing attacks on him as arising from a culture of “political correctness.”
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Inside the collapse of Scott Walker’s presidential bid

September 23, 2015
Matea Gold, Dan Balz, Jenna Johnson | The Washington Post
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was getting an in-depth debriefing about his campaign’s finances, and the situation was grim.
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Scott Walker Suspends Presidential Campaign

September 21, 2015
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker suspended his campaign for the ‪‎Republican presidential nomination and called on other candidates to step aside to focus on one candidate to take on Donald J. Trump.
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Scott Walker suspending presidential campaign

September 21, 2015
Dan Balz, Robert Costa, Jenna Johnson | The Washington Post
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is suspending his presidential campaign Monday, according to several Republicans briefed on his plans, effectively ending a once-promising GOP presidential bid that collapsed amid tepid debate performances and other missteps. He planned to speak to reporters at a 5 p.m. CT press conference in Madison, Wis.
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Republican Undercard Debate and O’Malley Calls for more Debates from DNC

September 18, 2015
Graham brings wit to GOP undercard debate & O'Malley calls for more democratic debates from DNC
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