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Donald Trump
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Republican debate may be Trump’s show, but who else will shine?

September 16, 2015
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
There is one big storyline heading into Wednesday’s Republican debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library — Donald Trump against all comers. But there are subplots aplenty. Just about everyone onstage has something to prove.
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#16for2016: The 2nd Republican Debate

September 15, 2015
The second Republican presidential debate is this week, and we asked for your opinions!

Who won the GOP debate on ABC?

Republican presidential hopefuls faced off in New Hampshire Saturday night at the ABC News Republican Presidential Debate. Who do YOU think came out on top?

Did Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders win their first one-on-one debate?

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders met for their first one-on-one debate just days after Clinton's narrow victory in the Iowa caucuses and ahead of the New Hampshire primary next week. Who do you think came out on top?
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