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Obama Campaign Pushes the Issue of Gay Marriage

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Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. apologized to President Obama for hastening him into an endorsement of same-sex marriage, several people briefed on the exchange said Thursday, even as the White House sought to capitalize in the campaign on Mr. Obama’s long-awaited expression of support.

When’s a Campaign Not a Campaign? (See Obama, Gingrich)

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back outside, it turns out the campaign lull we thought had just begun hasn’t occurred at all.

We were assured by the Democrats that the president’s travels to three battleground states this week were absolutely, positively, not about politics. Ignore those arenas full of students shouting “Four more years.” This was all about policy, they insisted.

The Curse of the Political Surrogate: When Silence Should Be Golden

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It took the 2012 presidential campaign to throw Democrat Hilary Rosen and conservative Ted Nugent into the same sentence.

Rosen made more of a splash last week than she ever did in 17 years at the powerful Recording Industry Association of America, including five years as chief executive officer.

And Nugent, revered mostly among those who know how to hum “Cat Scratch Fever,” was suddenly on the lips of every politico in Washington.

Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy Discuss 'The Presidents Club'

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Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy discuss the surprising ways that current and former presidents depend on each other.

Reeling White House Steps Into Health Care Breach

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The Obama White House, beset by a barrage of liberal criticism over an allegedly inept defense of its signature domestic policy achievement, on Wednesday defended the health care law's constitutionality not on legal grounds but on purely partisan ones. “The individual-responsibility provision was originally a Republican idea,” said White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest at the daily briefing, altering the common terminology “individual mandate” to the theoretically more politically palatable “individual responsibility.”

Time and Math Work Against Santorum's White House Bid

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Rick Santorum is winning the hearts of Republican conservatives but the cold realities of time and math are working against his presidential election effort. Santorum effectively became the only conservative challenger to Mitt Romney left standing when he narrowly won the Alabama and Mississippi primaries on Tuesday, as good as ending Newt Gingrich's presidential ambitions.
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How the Economy Changes the Campaign

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Is the economy getting better, or do people perceive that it is getting better? David Wessel discusses the impact of the economy on the presidential campaign.

Contraception Debate Drowns Out Budget Talk

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The new White House chief of staff, Jacob J. Lew, made the rounds of the Sunday talk shows to discuss the budget that President Obama is to release on Monday, but instead he was forced repeatedly to defend the administration’s effort to guarantee that insurers cover birth control for women in the face of criticism from religious groups.
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White House Lays Low as Birth Control Dispute Heats Up

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If the White House had been searching for an issue that could draw sharper contrasts with Republicans over women's health, economic opportunities and freedom, a skirmish with Catholic bishops and others over a requirement that health insurance cover contraception costs might just do it. For yet another day, the White House hung back while the discussion in Washington took on distinctly partisan and gender-rich overtones.
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PBS NewsHour: In Colorado, Romney Ignores Gingrich, Targets Obama

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As Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich campaigned Monday in Colorado, Gingrich targeted Romney, but the former Massachusetts governor focused his attention on President Obama. Gwen Ifill discusses the state of the Republican presidential race with USA Today's Susan Page and The Rothenberg Political Report's Stuart Rothenberg.