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Obama Pushes Jobs Plan as Senate Prepares to Vote

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President Obama continued the drumbeat for his jobs plan on Tuesday, even as White House officials acknowledged that the bill’s prospects in the Senate were tenuous and Mr. Obama himself vowed not to wait for Congress to advance ideas to get American back to work.

Obama to Run Against ‘Do-Nothing’ Congress If Jobs Legislation Fails

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Phil Schiliro, then the White House congressional liaison, put his boss on notice last year. One hurdle stood between him and the start of his re-election campaign: lifting the debt ceiling.

Emergency, Outrage, Impotence: Three Economic Truths Dawn on Obama

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President Obama told America on Thursday that the economy is sliding backward, that economic frustration is growing nationwide, and that he can’t get Congress to do anything about it by himself. No revelations there, except for the fact that it took Obama so long to articulate what his constituents have known intuitively for a long time now.

Making Case for Jobs Bill, Obama Cites Europe’s Woes

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In perhaps his most sober remarks about the economy this year, President Obama on Thursday described the weakening economy as “an emergency” and made the case for his jobs bill as “an insurance policy against a possible double-dip recession.”

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Note to President Obama: When Mitch McConnell wants to introduce your jobs bill, it’s not a good sign. The American Jobs Act won’t suffer the ignominy of your 2012 budget—defeated 0-97 on a motion to proceed—but it won’t pass and McConnell, the GOP leader, knows it. That’s why he’s calling Majority Leader Harry Reid’s bluff and seeking a vote now.

Push for President Obama’s jobs bill illustrates the art of beating a dead horse

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It might help to think of the American Jobs Act as Elvis. The King made $60 million last year even though he died in 1977. The lesson: Just ’cause something is dead doesn’t mean it can’t be effective.

Obama Pitches Jobs Bill and Appeals to Donors

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President Obama on Tuesday combined fund-raising and campaigning for his jobs bill in the home state of the Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry and the Congressional district of a House Republican leader, and he did not shy away from telling donors that they and Texas’ oil companies should pay more taxes for the nation’s good.

In Texas, Obama presses GOP for vote on jobs plan

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Appearing on stage with a laid-off social studies teacher here this afternoon, President Obama suggested that opposing his full jobs bill is tantamount to opposing her gainful employment. House Republicans should call a vote on his bill in its entirety, Obama said, so that Americans can see where every member of Congress stands on it.

Obama focuses latest jobs pitch on hiring teachers

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Unwilling to concede that his jobs act has no chance of passage, President Obama on Tuesday breaks out a new weapon: a laid-off single mother who wants nothing more than to go back to teaching public schoolchildren. 

PBS Newshour: Political Checklist: What Can Obama Accomplish in His Jobs Speech?

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September 7, 2011

David Chalian and Gwen Ifill preview a big week in American politics: Wednesday night the Republican presidential candidates face off in another debate, which will be frontrunner Rick Perry's first. Thursday night President Obama will address a joint session of Congress on his new jobs plan amid his lowest poll numbers of his presidency.