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Hillary Clinton

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Why Hillary Clinton Probably Won’t Pick Elizabeth Warren as a Running Mate

June 22, 2016
Amy Chozick, Jonathan Martin | The New York Times
Hillary Clinton has officially started her search for a running mate, and no potential candidate has evoked more speculation, and, depending on who is asked, wistfulness or dread, than Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.
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Poll: Election 2016 shapes up as a contest of negatives

May 23, 2016
Dan Balz, Scott Clement | The Washington Post
The coming presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump begins in a virtual dead heat, a competition between two candidates viewed unfavorably by a majority of the current electorate and with voters motivated as much by whom they don’t like as by whom they do, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.
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Clinton says she hopes Sanders will follow her 2008 lead and support her

April 22, 2016
Anne Gearan | The Washington Post
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declined Thursday to urge challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders out of the primary race, but said she hopes he follows her 2008 model of endorsing and helping her if she defeats him.
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Sanders Continues Streak, But Odds Are Steep

April 6, 2016
Alexis Simendinger, Caitlin Huey-Burns | Real Clear Politics
Bernie Sanders handily beat Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin’s Democratic primary Tuesday, but confronted a reality now painfully familiar to the Vermont senator: to both candidates go the delegate spoils.
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Clinton tries to win New York with her congressional record

April 1, 2016
Lisa Lerer | AP
Hillary Clinton will release a $10 billion plan aimed at revitalizing manufacturing in Syracuse on Friday, part of an effort to highlight her work as a senator from New York ahead of that state's primary later this month.
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