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Clinton says Putin grudge led Russia to hack, Podesta says something "deeply broken" at FBI

December 16, 2016
Dan Merica, Jeff Zeleny | CNN
Hillary Clinton said Thursday that Vladimir Putin's alleged involvement in the hacking of Democratic organizations stemmed from a longtime grudge Putin has held against her.
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‘This is painful, and it will be for a long time,’ Clinton says

November 10, 2016
Anne Gearan, Abby Phillip | The Washington Post
Hillary Clinton saw a rancorous campaign through to its bitter end on Wednesday, conceding the presidency to a man she had called unfit for the office.
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For Anne Gearan, the 2016 election will never be over

November 4, 2016
For reporters like Anne Gearan, after the election, there's a transition to cover.
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Tons of data for Amy Walter when the election is over

November 3, 2016
A week from now when the 2016 election is over, The Cook Political Report​'s Amy Walter will be drowning in data. And she couldn't be happier about it. What will you do when the election is over?
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When the 2016 election is over: Ashley Parker will "full-on Rip Van Winkle"

November 1, 2016
7. More. Days. Until The New York Times reporter Ashley Parker can "full-on Rip Van Winkle." What will you do #WhenThe2016ElectionIsOver?
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