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Washington’s Year of Drama Leaves Little Done Regarding Debt

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Reid Ribble, a Wisconsin roofing contractor-turned-Republican lawmaker, has helped change the way Washington talks about the national debt. That’s not to say he has done much about the debt itself. Nearly a year ago, Ribble and other newly elected House Republicans came to Capitol Hill on a single-minded mission to shove the federal debt to the top of the congressional agenda. They succeeded.

While Washington Fights, Your Taxes Set to Rise

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WSJ's David Wessel offers analysis of Washington's battle over payroll tax reductions as Social Security tax increases are slated to kick in at the end of December.


Obama, GOP Agree on Tax Break, Not How to Pay for It

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President Obama and Senate Republicans found common ground Wednesday, a most unusual occurrence. They agreed that Americans deserve extensions of the temporary payroll tax holiday and of unemployment insurance into 2012. They disagreed, however, about how to offset the costs, forecasting potentially weeks of partisan shish kebab.

Analysis: End to debt gridlock is not in sight

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The supercommittee's failure reflects the nation's divide: Americans crave both the Republicans' demand for low taxes and the Democrats' insistence on protecting social programs. So far, no group or leader has persuaded them they can't have both and there's no quick solution in sight. It's possible the stalemate won't be broken by the time of the 2012 elections, nearly a year away. Some GOP strategists think Republicans can oust President Barack Obama and win control of both chambers of Congress.

February 12, 2010

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Gwen and the panel discuss the bipartisan thaw, the President's overtures and GOP skepticism, the focus on the new jobs bill and Iran's taunting of the West.

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