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Bernie Sanders

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Clinton still leading polls despite Biden's uncertainty

September 29, 2015
Jeff Zeleny | CNN
Hillary Clinton stills leads in the polls, but what impact could a possible Joe Biden campaign have on her numbers? CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports.

Speaker John Boehner Resigns, Pope Francis’ U.S. Tour & Obama Hosts President Xi Jinping

September 25, 2015
Speaker Boehner to resign in October, Pope Francis addresses Congress, Obama hosts Chinese president Xi Jinping and Scott Walker drops out of the 2016 race.
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Timing Gives Sanders a Lift in His Quest

September 25, 2015
John Harwood | The New York Times
Think of Bernie Sanders’s rising primary challenge to Hillary Rodham Clinton as part ideology, part technology. But don’t forget a shift in Democratic psychology, either.
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Republican Undercard Debate and O’Malley Calls for more Debates from DNC

September 18, 2015
Graham brings wit to GOP undercard debate & O'Malley calls for more democratic debates from DNC
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Sanders slams income inequality before conservatives, liberals

September 15, 2015
Manu Raju, Eric Bradner | CNN
Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday stepped into a hotbed of cultural conservatism, only to venture into one of liberal populism hours later.

Who won the Democratic debate in Brooklyn?

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debated in Brooklyn ahead of Tuesday's New York primary. Who came out on top?
Bernie Sanders
75% (522 votes)
Hillary Clinton
25% (176 votes)
Total votes: 692
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