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Bernie Sanders

Who won the Democratic debate in Brooklyn?

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debated in Brooklyn ahead of Tuesday's New York primary. Who came out on top?
Bernie Sanders
75% (522 votes)
Hillary Clinton
25% (176 votes)
Total votes: 692

Who won the PBS NewsHour democratic debate?

Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders faced off in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Thursday night. Who impressed YOU the most?
Bernie Sanders
96% (9811 votes)
Hillary Clinton
13% (1387 votes)
Total votes: 10175

Who won the last Democratic debate of 2015?

Who won the ABC News Democratic debate in New Hampshire?
Bernie Sanders
73% (1592 votes)
Hillary Clinton
23% (499 votes)
Martin O'Malley
3% (81 votes)
Total votes: 2163
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