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McCain: GOP Debates are 'Damaging' to Nominee

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Former presidential nominee John McCain is part of a growing chorus of leading Republican voices who worry the exhaustive lineup of GOP primary debates will be harmful to the eventual nominee.
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New Hampshire Voters Make their Choice After Long Campaign

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Sweeping aside much of the intraparty noise that has dominated the Republican presidential race in recent days, voters in the primary here on Tuesday appeared to be united behind a single goal: defeating President Obama and a set of policies that have driven them into a rage. Debbie Finch was among the angry voters. Finch, 39, said she never liked Obama much. She voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primary in 2008, then for Republican John McCain in the general election.

The Great Republican Humor Crisis of 2012

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When John McCain joined Mitt Romney on the campaign trail this week, he brought with him something unfamiliar in this year's race: laughter. Following former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu at a rally on Wednesday, McCain said it reminded him of his favorite joke about governors: "There were two inmates in the chow line in the state prison and one of them turned to the other and said the food was a lot better in here when you were governor.”

The Mitt and McCain Show

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John McCain hugged Mitt Romney today as he endorsed his campaign. Four years ago, he wanted to hug Romney long enough to stop his breathing. The bitter rivals from the 2008 campaign now have a common enemy: Barack Obama. So while McCain once accused Romney of Chamberlain-like weakness in Iraq, the two have now aligned to bash the incumbent for his handling of the withdrawal from that country.

Romney and McCain Bury the Past

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They are the oddest of odd couples. Mitt Romney is buttoned up and buttoned down, a by-the-numbers manager driven by data, logic and hard-headedness. John McCain is a freewheeling and unpredictable warrior, a visceral politician who relies on his gut and his instincts to make his way. At this moment in the 2008 campaign, the two were sworn enemies, dueling in a nasty New Hampshire primary contest. On Wednesday, they found political communion on a stage in the Granite State.

In Case You Were Wondering: We Have Been Here Before

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“Politics is politics” House Speaker John Boehner opined Thursday, as he stepped before the cameras to explain why he would not back down in the payroll tax fight House Republicans have been waging with the Senate.

Seldom have truer words been spoken. And it was politics at work when -- even as Boehner was speaking -- his counterpart on the other side of the Capitol, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, was busy bailing water out of the boat.

Black Holes and Campaign 2012

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The scientists at the University of California Berkeley have discovered something awesome: monster black holes – 10 billion times the mass of the sun – that suck in everything around them. Even light

McCain to Pawlenty: "Watch the Money"

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Tim Pawlenty had money on his mind a few weeks before he ended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination two months ago.   Read more

Debating the Debate: When Words Substitute for Action

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As Washington’s debt ceiling debate approaches its deadline, those of us who watch and cover it anxiously await its drop-dead date. Or its do or die moment. Or, its my-way-or-the-highway climax.

Skyrocketing interest rates. Huge tax hikes. Bottom lines. Gimmicks. Smoke and mirrors. Ticking clocks.
You name it, someone has said it.

Confidence, Conviction and Campaign 2012

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I once covered a politician who was a very certain man.

He remained convinced throughout his public career that he knew best – certainly better than any naysayer, political opponent or reporter.

His certainty got things done, but you had to accept that his priorities and values were the correct ones. He acted first and accepted – but did not welcome -- questions later. He was a Democrat, but only because that’s how you got elected in Baltimore. And he was unwavering.