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Marco Rubio

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Israeli Spy Released from Prison, Obama's Immigration Policy, Paul Ryan's House and the Rubio/Cruz Feud

November 20, 2015
Release of American spy Jonathan Pollard, dispute between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan’s tenure so far.

Terror Attacks in Paris & Trump Sharpens His Carson Criticism

November 13, 2015
Coordinated shootings and bombings in Paris, Trump ups rhetoric against GOP rivals, the third GOP debate reveals divides within the party, and the second Democratic debate approaches with Hillary Clinton maintaining her lead.
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As Marco Rubio rises, GOP rivals are reluctant to take him on directly

November 12, 2015
Robert Costa, Philip Rucker | The Washington Post
As Marco Rubio settles into his new role as a rising top-tier candidate, most of his opponents in the Republican presidential race are showing a reluctance and even an unwillingness to engage him directly on the national stage.

Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline, October Job Growth & Election 2016

November 6, 2015
Seven-year debate ends in pipeline rejection, 271,000 jobs added in October, and 2016 election updates.
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Jeb Bush Ups Stakes In Attacks on His GOP Rival Marco Rubio

November 6, 2015
Beth Reinhard, Patrick O'Connor | The Wall Street Journal
In a Republican primary filled with intense rivalries, none is more personal than the one between Jeb Bush and his one-time lieutenant Marco Rubio.
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