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Marco Rubio suspends his presidential campaign after disappointing loss in Florida

March 15, 2016
Marco Rubio officially suspended his presidential campaign after a disappointing loss to Donald Trump in Florida. "While it is not God's plan that I be plan in 2016 or maybe ever, while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that I've even come this far is evidence of how special America truly is and all the reason more why we must do all we can to ensure this nation remains a special place," Rubio told supporters.

Republican Race Turns Civil Ahead of Florida and Ohio, The "Two Trumps" and Sanders Upsets Clinton in Michigan

March 11, 2016
Rubio and Kasich face critical home state tests in Florida and Ohio.
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Inside Rubio’s collapse: A fateful decision that helped unravel his campaign

March 10, 2016
Philip Rucker, Ed O'Keefe, Matea Gold | The Washington Post
Marco Rubio had suffered three electoral thumpings in a row when the senator from Florida and his image-makers abruptly shifted strategy. The aspirational candidate, whose presidential campaign was built on a promise of generational change and Republican unity, would morph overnight into Donald Trump’s chief assailant.
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Mitt Romney Records Phone Message for Marco Rubio’s Campaign

March 8, 2016
Jonathan Martin | The New York Times
Offering Senator Marco Rubio of Florida a much-needed boost, if not an outright endorsement, Mitt Romney has recorded get-out-the-vote calls for Mr. Rubio’s presidential campaign that are being sent to voters in the four states voting on Tuesday.
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Cruz looks to take on Rubio, on the fellow senator’s Florida turf

March 5, 2016
Kate Zezima, Matea Gold | The Washington Post
Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign is moving hard into Florida, where the senator from Texas hopes to knock out rival Sen. Marco Rubio and position himself as the only last alternative to front-runner Donald Trump.

Can establishment Republicans stop Donald Trump? Rubio, Cruz take aim at GOP frontrunner

March 4, 2016
Donald Trump marches to the GOP nomination as party leaders try to stop his rise.
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One clear loser in Thursday’s debate: the Grand Old Party

March 4, 2016
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
It’s highly questionable whether anyone emerged as the winner in Thursday’s Republican presidential debate in Detroit, though the candidates’ spinmeisters would all quibble with that. There was one clear loser: the Grand Old Party.
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In Republican Debate, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Wage Urgent Attacks on Donald Trump

March 4, 2016
Jonathan Martin, Patrick Healy | The New York Times
Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, fighting for their political lives, relentlessly demeaned and baited Donald J. Trump at Thursday’s debate, all but pleading with Republicans to abandon a candidate with a long history of business failures, deep ties to the Democratic Party and a taste for personal insults.
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