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Gun violence

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Obama Transformed

July 1, 2015
John Dickerson | Slate
The remarkable week that roused the president from dejection and inspired a stirring call to action.
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How New Yorkers feel about the NYPD

December 24, 2014
Karen Tumulty | The Washington Post
Right now, New Yorkers' attitudes toward their police force seem to provide still more evidence of a divided city. But not so long ago, a lofty regard for the New York Police Department united residents instead.
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Delta Worker Allegedly Helped Smuggle Guns on Planes

December 24, 2014
Pete Williams | NBC News
A Delta baggage handler was arrested Monday for allegedly smuggling firearms — some loaded — into the Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta, where he handed them off to an accomplice who flew to New York, federal law enforcement officials said.
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Guns Intentionally Being Made Untraceable

December 22, 2014
Pete Williams | NBC News
Untraceable "ghost guns" are being sold to dangerous drug dealers and presenting a problem for law enforcement.
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New gun-control fight brewing in the Senate

July 9, 2014
Ed O'Keefe | The Washington Post
Fifteen months since gun legislation stalled on Capitol Hill, the Senate is on the verge of a new fight over whether to expand gun rights, an unanticipated development at a moment of already high tension in the fractured chamber.
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Chicago grapples with how to curb gun violence after deadly weekend

July 8, 2014
In Chicago, about a dozen people were killed and up to 80 people were in injured in shootings during the city's most violent weekend of the year thus far. The city has made some progress in reducing the number of murders, but it’s still struggling to control gun violence. Gwen Ifill learns more from Paris Schutz of WTTW.
President Obama
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Obama Laments Lack of Public "Passion" for Gun Control

June 11, 2014
Alexis Simendinger | Real Clear Politics
President Obama said the public’s “passion” and fury are missing when it comes to failed efforts to enact new gun controls and background checks in response to mass shootings. He called it his “biggest frustration” as president, and he asked the public to do some soul-searching about America’s deadly trend. Obama also conceded that his own push for restrictions last year, with Vice President Biden spearheading the effort, fell flat in Congress.
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Supreme Court Declines to Consider Gun-Rights Case

May 6, 2014
Pete Williams | NBC News
The Supreme Court declined again Monday to take up a hotly contested issue of gun rights that has divided the nation's federal and state courts.
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California Democrats will push background checks for ammunition

January 10, 2014
Reid Wilson | The Washington Post
Following passage last year of some of the strongest gun-control laws in the nation in the wake of the school shooting in Newton, Conn., leading California Democrats will open a new front in the fight against gun violence this year with a proposal to conduct background checks on people who purchase ammunition.
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