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Gun violence

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As Obama tries to bridge divide on guns, it seems as wide as ever

January 8, 2016
Juliet Eilperin, David Nakamura | The Washington Post
Ahead of President Obama’s town-hall-style event on guns Thursday night at George Mason University, the campus police chief sent an email to students alerting them that protesters might show up outside the venue with their firearms.
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White House, GOP Vie to Entice Voters

January 7, 2016
Carol Lee, Stephanie Armour | The Wall Street Journal
As the spotlight shifts from policy makers in Washington to the presidential campaign trail, the White House and congressional Republicans are looking for ways to energize their parties’ voters—and perhaps attract some from the other side.
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Small-Bore? President Obama's Actions on Guns Make Marginal Changes

January 6, 2016
Pete Williams | NBC News
The conservative blogosphere, normally quick to accuse President Obama of overreach by executive order, is noticeably muted in response to his latest actions on guns.
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After Newtown shooting, President Obama calls for gun control

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December 14, 2012
President Obama invoked the shooting in Newtown that killed 26 elementary school students and teachers as a reason for pushing gun reform.
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Obama announces executive action on guns

January 5, 2016
President Obama announced new executive actions to curb gun violence, including licenses for gun sellers and requiring background checks for gun buyers. The president teared up while remembering the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting that left 26 elementary school students and teachers dead.
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President Obama Pushes to Increase Gun Buyer Background Checks

January 5, 2016
Pete Williams, Jon Schuppe | NBC News
President Barack Obama directed federal agencies Monday to carry out a series of steps to reduce gun violence, including measures to restrict sales by unlicensed dealers -- sometimes called the gun show loophole.
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