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Gun violence

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Suspected Gunman Charged After Chaos at U.S. Capitol

March 29, 2016
Pete Williams, Tracy Connor, Corky Siemaszko | NBC News
There was chaos in the U.S. Capitol Complex on Monday when police shot and wounded a suspected gunman in the visitors center.
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1998 Capitol Hill Shooting

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July 24, 1998
In July 1998 a gunman killed two Capitol Police officers in the deadliest shooting incident at the Capitol. On the day of the shooting, the Washington Week panelists reflected on the security inside the Capitol where "once you're through [security], you can run into Ted Kennedy or Newt Gingrich."
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Idaho pastor shooting suspect arrested outside White House, wrote warning about ‘Martians’ in Congress

March 9, 2016
Carol Leonnig, Michael Miller | The Washington Post
Kyle Odom, the former Marine suspected of shooting Idaho pastor Tim Remington on Sunday, was arrested Tuesday evening outside the White House, according to Coeur d’Alene police and the Secret Service.
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Attorney General Loretta Lynch Defends Obama Actions On Gun Control

January 21, 2016
Carrie Johnson | NPR
Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Wednesday defended President Obama's recent executive actions intended to expand background checks for gun buyers. But Republicans question their usefulness and the motives behind the actions.
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Obama to Leave Empty Seat for Gun Victims in State of the Union Audience

January 9, 2016
Peter Baker | The New York Times
President Obama plans to leave an empty seat in the House gallery next week when he delivers his final State of the Union address to symbolize the victims of gun violence in the United States, a senior administration official said Friday.
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Clinton camp sees gun control issue as a way to get to Sanders’s left

January 9, 2016
Anne Gearan, John Wagner | The Washington Post
Seeing gun control as a rare opportunity to outflank Sen. Bernie Sanders from the left, Hillary Clinton sought Friday to paint the Vermont senator as out of step with liberal Democrats and now also with the White House.

Executive Action on Guns, North Korean Nuclear Threat and Countdown to Iowa & NH

January 8, 2016
Obama proposes changes to curb gun violence, North Korea claims h-bomb test and Donald Trump takes aim at Clinton and Cruz
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