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The Truth About Romney’s Tax Plan: It’s a Pipe Dream

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Nothing is as simple as campaign commercials or candidate sound bites make it sound, especially not tax reform, and certainly not tax reform with very few details revealed. Just ask the economist Mitt Romney is holding up as a shield against attacks on his tax plan.

Can Obama Overcome Job Numbers -- and History?

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When 8.3 percent of Americans are unemployed and an election is a little over three months away, it's a flat-out certainty that President Obama is going to have to defy some historical assumptions to find a path to victory.

Lost on the Campaign Trail: A Real Jobs Debate

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In January 2001, Bill Clinton’s final month in office, 132.4 million Americans were employed. Eleven years and six months later, that number has grown … all the way to 133 million. A whopping 600,000 more Americans have jobs today than at the dawn of the 21st Century.

What is the Fed Waiting For?

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It's best to think of the Federal Reserve today as a seventh-grade boy at a school dance, shuffling up to a girl, with all their friends watching. That music has a great beat, he says, and you sure do look like you enjoy dancing. She blinks expectantly. He opens his mouth. Then closes it, and walks away.

Political Perceptions: Stepping Up to the Cliff

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This is what fiscal paralysis looks like. The U.S. government, the White House projected last week, will run a deficit of $1.2 trillion or 7.8% of the gross domestic product in the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30.

Obama Says Election Offers a Clear Choice on the Economy’s Long-Term Path

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Framing his re-election bid as a stark choice between government action to lift the middle class and a return to Republican economic policies that he said had caused a deep recession, President Obama on Thursday called the presidential decision facing Americans a clear-cut one that will determine the long-term trajectory of the economy.

Secret Report: Confidential Jobs Data Could Be Leaked

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A secret government report on security procedures surrounding the release of market moving monthly jobs numbers found “unexamined flaws in the process” that potentially put the data at risk of disclosure, according to a new letter obtained by CNBC.

Ohio's Job Growth Doesn't Guarantee an Obama Win

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The nation's unemployment rate of 8.2 percent may sink President Barack Obama's re-election bid, but one detail brightens his hopes. About 10 battleground states will decide the election, and seven of them have employment levels that beat the U.S. average.

The Politics of Jobs

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Discussing what the third spring slowdown in a row means for the Obama campaign, with CNBC's John Harwood.

June 1, 2012

Weekly Show

What do disappointing job numbers  mean for the already unemployed and the state of economic recovery?  Mitt Romney wins enough delegates to make him the unofficial Republican nominee and finds himself in a dead heat with President Obama in three key swing states. Plus  the latest on the crisis in Syria.  Joining Gwen: Jim Tankersley, National Journal; Dan Balz, Washington Post; Helene Cooper, New York Times.