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PBS NewsHour: Libyan Salafists Hope to Assert Power in Embassy Attacks

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Since Libya established a secular democracy, conservative Muslims in Libya known as Salafists have felt disenfranchised. Gwen Ifil speaks to RAND Corporation's Frederic Wehrey, a former military attache in Libya, and journalist Robin Wright about the link between Salafi Muslims and the latest attacks in the Middle East.

Salmon Fishing in Yemen? No, Says Tourism Board

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ABC's Martha Raddatz talks salmon fishing in Yemen.

McCain Says Obama's Syria Policy 'Abandons American Leadership'

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Arizona Sen. John McCain on Sunday called the Obama administration’s approach to the violence in Syria, “a feckless foreign policy that abandons American leadership.’’ More than 90 people, including about 30 children, were killed when Syrian tanks shelled a rebel-held village, United Nations officials reported on Saturday. As many as 10,000 people have been killed since the uprising began against President Bashar al-Assad more than a year ago. The Obama administration is reportedly preparing to vet members of the rebel army to determine whether they could be armed by other Arab nations.

How Things Have Changed At The CIA

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The CIA has faced intense criticism for reporting, incorrectly, that Saddam Hussein's Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. NPR correspondent Tom Gjelten got direct access to CIA analysts to discuss the lessons learned from Iraq, and how they're applying them to a new intelligence target: Iran.

One Thing Certain as Egyptians Vote for President: The Outcome Will be a Surprise

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In an historic first, Egyptians voted Wednesday for their next president, choosing from an array of competing candidates whose wildly divergent campaign platforms pledged everything from revolutionary, religion-based change to a return to the stability of the Hosni Mubarak-era, which came to an end with Mubarak’s ouster last year.

Shafik? Aboul Fotouh? Mosri? Who Knows? Egyptian Outcome Really is Uncertain

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Egypt has experienced many historic moments since Hosni Mubarak was toppled from the presidency 446 days ago, but Wednesday marks a true first – the first presidential election in Egypt’s history where voters don’t already know who the winner will be before they cast their ballots.

Netanyahu and Obama Still Divided Over Iran

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President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been working hard to present a united front on Iran, the nation at the heart of a simmering dispute between the two close allies. But there is no disguising the fact that the two leaders remain sharply divided on the way forward.
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U.S. General Prepared for Iranian Aggression

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Iran accused of plotting car bomb attacks against diplomats in India, Georgia.
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Syria in Crisis as Government Attacks Continue

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Martha Raddatz discusses the deteriorating situation in the Middle East.

Deserters Attack Syrian Air Force Base, Symbol of Assad and Torture

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The Syrian government reeled from two blows today, as the members of the Arab League voted to suspend the country, and as defectors from the Syrian military mounted an assault on a military base associated with torture and with the Assad family's long hold on power.