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Trump legal team readies attack on Flynn’s credibility

December 28, 2017
Carol Leonnig | The Washington Post
President Trump’s legal team plans to cast former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn as a liar seeking to protect himself if he accuses the president or his senior aides of any wrongdoing, according to three people familiar with the strategy.
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Mueller's team to question former RNC officials on Russia

December 28, 2017
Jonathan Swan | Axios
Members of Robert Mueller's team have begun reaching out to former Republican National Committee staff who were familiar with the digital operations of the Trump campaign, according to a source with knowledge of the outreach. The only outreach I can confirm happened recently.
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Judicial appointments are the sleeper story that matters,”

November 20, 2017
Jonathan Swan | Axios
If Mitch McConnell's schedule goes to plan, the week after Thanksgiving the Senate Majority Leader will confirm his ninth federal judge. That would beat President Reagan's eight in his first year — the most in recent history. And it triples the three federal judges President Obama appointed in his first year in office.
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Analysis: Trump goes after basic democratic norms and Sessions tiptoes

November 15, 2017
Joan Biskupic | CNN
One day, President Trump calls the US justice system a "laughingstock." The next day he wants it used to investigate his 2016 election opponent Hillary Clinton. He appears to hold unparalleled disregard for the independence of the US justice system.
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Trump breaches boundaries by saying DOJ should be ‘going after’ Democrats

November 4, 2017
Philip Rucker, Matt Zapotosky | The Washington Post
President Trump on Friday repeatedly called on the Department of Justice and FBI to investigate his Democratic political opponents, a breach of the traditional executive branch boundaries designed to prevent the criminal justice system from becoming politicized.
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Sessions under renewed scrutiny on Capitol Hill

November 3, 2017
Manu Raju | CNN
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is once again under scrutiny on Capitol Hill regarding his candor about Russia and the Trump campaign amid revelations that he rejected a suggestion to convene a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump last year.
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Mueller's charges complicate the Hill's Russia inquiries

November 2, 2017
Manu Raju, Jeremy Herb | CNN
The charges against three former Trump campaign aides this week provided a jolt to congressional Russia investigators who now know special counsel Robert Mueller is moving quickly — and his moves will shut down potential lanes of inquiry for them and likely eliminate the chances of lawmakers to question those aides.
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