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Should government play a role in addressing root causes of Baltimore’s upheaval?

April 29, 2015
At the White House, President Obama condemned the violence in Baltimore and called for reflection on systemic troubles driving the anger. Gwen Ifill sits down with Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina -- where another police department came under fire recently for the death of a black man -- to discuss increasing police transparency and improving prospects for struggling communities.
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Obama: Baltimore Violence Part of "Slow-Rolling Crisis"

April 29, 2015
Alexis Simendinger | Real Clear Politics
As the city of Baltimore hunkered down during a second day of unrest Tuesday, President Obama defended the city’s police as well as state and local officials and said individuals who torched cars and buildings and looted businesses overnight “need to be treated as criminals.”
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What you really need to know about Baltimore, from a reporter who’s lived there for over 30 years

April 28, 2015
Michael Fletcher | The Washington Post
It was only a matter of time before Baltimore exploded. In the more than three decades I have called this city home, Baltimore has been a combustible mix of poverty, crime, and hopelessness, uncomfortably juxtaposed against rich history, friendly people, venerable institutions and pockets of old-money affluence.
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2016 Candidates Are United in Call to Alter Justice System

April 28, 2015
Peter Baker | The New York Times
The last time a Clinton and a Bush ran for president, the country was awash in crime and the two parties were competing to show who could be tougher on murderers, rapists and drug dealers. Sentences were lengthened and new prisons sprouted up across the country.

Al Qaeda Captives Killed in Drone Strike, Loretta Lynch Confirmed, Hillary Clinton Scrutinized & U.S. Navy Monitors Yemen

April 24, 2015
Two civilians killed in U.S. operation in Pakistan, Senate confirms new Attorney General and questions about Clinton Foundation contributions.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

Was the human trafficking compromise worth delaying vote on Loretta Lynch?

April 21, 2015
Senate negotiators struck a deal to tweak the human trafficking bill that has held up the confirmation proceedings for President Obama's nominee for U.S. attorney general, Loretta Lynch. The holdup was due to an unrelated fight over access to abortion for human trafficking victims. Gwen Ifill talks to Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., and Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., about the deal and the delay.
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Inside the Loretta Lynch fiasco

April 22, 2015
Manu Raju, Burgess Everett | POLITICO
Backstage at the long, angry and probably pointless abortion battle that ensnared Obama's attorney general pick.

Congressional Review of Iran Deal, Restoring Relations with Cuba, The Loretta Lynch Holdup & 2016 Campaign Heats Up

April 17, 2015
A bipartisan deal for Congress to review the Iran nuclear agreement and removing Cuba from the list of terrorist states.

Three Candidates Jump Into 2016 Race, Selling the Iran Nuclear Deal & SC Police Shooting

April 10, 2015
Rand Paul Announces Campaign with Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio to follow soon. Plus, issues of race and justice in America.
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