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PBS NewsHour: Supreme Court Weighs Free Speech Against Security Concerns

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February 23, 2010

The Supreme Court is considering whether the Patriot Act violates Americans' rights to free speech. Gwen Ifill talks with Marcia Coyle of the National Law Journal for more on what issues the justices are considering.

PBS NewsHour: Toyota Faces U.S. Criminal Probe Over Recalls

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February 22, 2010

A federal grand jury has opened an investigation over whether Toyota tried to cover up the acceleration problems that sparked its massive vehicle recall. The beleaguered automaker also faces congressional hearings later this week. Gwen Ifill talks to a Detroit News reporter for more.

PBS NewsHour: Reactor Plan Renews Debate on Nuclear Energy

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February 17, 2010

President Obama this week announced $8.3 billion in federal loan guarantees to help build two new nuclear reactors in Georgia, but environmental groups pushed back against the form of alternative energy they called "inherently dangerous." Gwen Ifill talks to both nuclear and environmental advocates.

PBS NewsHour: Biden and Cheney Clash Over Terror Trial Policy

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February 15, 2010

Vice President Joe Biden and former Vice President Dick Cheney sparred in separate Sunday talk show appearances over whether terror suspects should be tried in civilian courts or treated as "enemy combatants" under military authority. Gwen Ifill talks to experts for insight. 

PBS NewsHour: Public Anger Continues to Hammer Congressional Incumbents

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February 16, 2010

As voter polls continue to show a rising tide of resentment for congressional incumbents, Indiana's Evan Bayh became the latest official to announce he will not seek re-election. Stuart Rothenberg of The Rothenberg Political Report and The Hotline's Amy Walter assess the political mood this campaign season. 

Welcome to the new Washington Week Online

Gwen's Take

Welcome to the new Washington Week website, and to a new blog, which will allow me to stay in better touch with the smartest viewers of public affairs television.

I’ve met many of you as I’ve traveled the country and the world. Your observations are always smart, and your questions are always sharp. So as I begin chatting with you online, I will be incorporating some of your thoughts and observations into my own.

PBS NewsHour: One Speech, Three Audiences

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January 27, 2010

Read Gwen's analysis prior to President Obama's first State of the Union.

PBS NewsHour: Democrats Wrangle Over Taxing 'Cadillac' Insurance Plans

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January 11, 2010

Gwen Ifill speaks with economists about the ongoing debate over taxing so-called "Cadillac" health care insurance plans. Read the Transcript

PBS NewsHour: State of the Union Comes at Crucial Moment for Obama Presidency

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January 27, 2010

With his poll numbers dipping, President Obama will look to use his first State of the Union address to reset the debate over his top priorities. Gwen Ifill speaks with White House adviser David Axelrod about the speech.

PBS NewsHour: Year in Review - A Remarkable Inaugural Moment

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December 31, 2009

The PBS NewsHour asked their correspondents to reflect on their memorable reporting moments of 2009. Read Gwen's entry.