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Pentagon Suggests Countering Devastating Cyberattacks With Nuclear Arms

January 17, 2018
David Sanger, William J. Broad | The New York Times
A newly drafted United States nuclear strategy that has been sent to President Trump for approval would permit the use of nuclear weapons to respond to a wide range of devastating but non-nuclear attacks on American infrastructure, including what current and former government officials described as the most crippling kind of cyberattacks.
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Pentagon Demurs on Explanation of Satellite Debacle

January 12, 2018
Nancy Youssef, Andy Pasztor | The Wall Street Journal
The Pentagon refused to say anything at a briefing Thursday about why a classified U.S. government satellite launched by a contractor failed to reach a stable orbit and instead plummeted back into the atmosphere in what is presumed to be a total loss over the weekend.
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A Trump-Era Military Dilemma: Enlisted, but Unwelcome

January 2, 2018
Nancy Youssef | The Wall Street Journal
One weekend a month, Kyungmin Cho, a 20-year-old sophomore at Temple University and aspiring Army recruit, makes the two-hour drive to an Army base in New Jersey, dons a uniform and recites the U.S. Army Soldier’s Creed.
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Atkins: Transgender in the military OK’d — with a hitch

December 12, 2017
Kimberly Atkins | Boston Herald
The Pentagon decision to allow recruitment is also the latest break by Mattis from Trump on the issue. In August, after weeks of uncertainly following Trump’s tweet, Mattis announced that transgender troops would be allowed to continue serving pending a department study.
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U.S. to Remain in Syria Indefinitely, Pentagon Officials Say

December 9, 2017
Nancy Youssef | The Wall Street Journal
The Pentagon plans to keep some U.S. forces in Syria indefinitely, even after a war against the Islamic State extremist group formally ends, to take part in what it describes as ongoing counterterrorism operations, officials said.
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Why the U.S. Considers North Korea’s Kim a ‘Rational Actor’

December 6, 2017
Nancy Youssef | The Wall Street Journal
U.S. intelligence and military officials believe Kim Jong Un is a rational actor, a conclusion that for now is guiding Washington’s approach to the North Korean leader as he risks economic sanctions and military reprisals to build nuclear weapons and threaten rivals.
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Washington Eyes a Cold War Strategy Against North Korea

November 30, 2017
David Sanger | The New York Times
But one thing is clear: Whatever threats that Washington and Beijing issued in the past few months — sanctions, and the threat of oil cutoffs — have clearly not deterred Mr. Kim.
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