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Obama, Gates, and the Afghanistan Troop Surge

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September 4, 2009
In his new memoir to be released next week, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates has sharp criticisms for President Obama – including over the Afghanistan troop surge. Obama “doesn’t believe in his own strategy and doesn’t consider the war to be his,” Gates writes. We look back in the Washington Week Vault to September 2009 during the debate over sending more troops to Afghanistan. As ABC’s Martha Raddatz reported at the time, there were “tribes breaking up within the White House” over whether to send more troops.
Nov 22 2013
Webcast Extra

Webcast Extra: Negotiations with Iran and U.S. Budget Policies

November 22, 2013
How are John Kerry’s negotiations with Iran over nuclear weapons programs progressing?

An Evolving Solution for Syria

September 13, 2013
Developments surrounding Obama's attempts to take action against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad

U.S. Makes Case for Military Strike on Syria

August 30, 2013
The Obama administration is making the case for a U.S. military strike against Syria
Webcast Extra

Webcast Extra: Military Verdicts and Sentencing and Obama’s Bus Tour

August 23, 2013
Three military men convicted of crimes and Obama and Biden talk college affordability.
Webcast Extra

Supreme Court on DNA Samples, Holder Not Leaving Yet

June 7, 2013
SCOTUS DNA Decision, Eric Holder, President Xi, and Bradley Manning’s WikiLeaks Hearing
Webcast Extra

Webcast Extra: Houses Divided, Commercial Drones, and McCain’s Clout

April 26, 2013
We look at Jeb 2016, GOP health care, commercial drones, and John McCain’s influence.

Drone Strikes, S&P Lawsuit and GOP Reinvention

February 8, 2013
We look at target killings, GOP internal battles and Dept. of Justice lawsuit against S&P.

U.S. Economic Recovery and Bipartisan Immigration Reform

February 1, 2013
We look at the state of the economy, the immigration reform push and Chuck Hagel’s hearing
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