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New Military Campaign Extends a Legacy of War

September 11, 2014
Peter Baker | The New York Times
In ordering a sustained military campaign against Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq, President Obama on Wednesday night effectively set a new course for the remainder of his presidency and may have ensured that he would pass his successor a volatile and incomplete war, much as his predecessor left one for him.
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Obama Approves ISIS Surveillance Flights Over Syria

August 27, 2014
Mary Bruce, Chris Good | ABC News
President Obama has approved U.S military surveillance flights over Syria to track the Islamic militant group ISIS, a group that American warplanes have been attacking in neighboring Iraq, ABC News has confirmed.
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Obama says U.S. will be 'relentless' in pursuing Islamic State

August 21, 2014
Christi Parsons, Kathleen Hennessey, W.J. Hennigan | Tribune Newspapers
A clearly furious President Obama condemned the Islamic militants who claimed responsibility for beheading an American journalist, vowing Wednesday to beat back “this cancer” and showing no sign of constraining the U.S. military intervention in Iraq.
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U.S. troops entered Syria in failed attempt to free Foley, others

August 21, 2014
Nancy Youssef, Jonathan S. Landay | McClatchy Newspapers
Several dozen U.S. special forces troops flew into Syria last month in a bid to rescue several Americans held by the Islamic State, including journalist James Foley, but they pulled out after discovering that the captives had been moved, senior U.S. officials said Wednesday.
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Why Washington Should Declare War on ISIS

August 21, 2014
James Kitfield | National Journal
When a centrist Democrat, a Republican hawk, a libertarian, and a tea partier all find common ground on Capitol Hill, it's worth noting this rare outbreak of bipartisan consensus. Sens. Tim Kaine, James Inhofe, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz all believe the White House should seek new approval from Congress for U.S. military operations in Iraq. President Obama should give the senators exactly what they are requesting.
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Obama’s Mission Creep in Iraq

August 19, 2014
Michael Crowley | CNN
In 2003, George W. Bush was too quick to declare that “major combat operations in Iraq have ended.” In 2014, Barack Obama may be too slow to admit that they are just beginning.
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Unprepared U.S. officials missed Baghdadi’s likely al Qaida connection during 2004 detention

July 10, 2014
Nancy Youssef | McClatchy Newspapers
When the U.S. military detained Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in Iraq in 2004, it was too inexperienced at dealing with suspected terrorists to know what kind of threat he potentially posed when it released him just 10 months later, those who worked in the military detention system at that time now concede.
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Bush and Obama at West Point: Bookends of a Foreign Policy Era

July 8, 2014
Karen Tumulty | The Washington Post
Two presidents. One stage. A dozen years apart. One was speaking to the West Point graduating class that would be the first to go off to a kind of war this country had never fought before. In that June 1, 2002, commencement address, George W. Bush made the case that in the post 9/11 era, " If we wait for threats to fully materialize, we will have waited too long. ... Our security will require all Americans to be forward-looking and resolute, to be ready for preemptive action when necessary to defend our liberty and to defend our lives."
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The drone warfare drawbacks

July 7, 2014
Doyle McManus | Los Angeles Times
The drone has become America's counter-terrorism weapon of choice. But does drone warfare really further U.S. goals abroad?
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