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Webcast Extra: Houses Divided, Commercial Drones, and McCain’s Clout

April 26, 2013
We look at Jeb 2016, GOP health care, commercial drones, and John McCain’s influence.

Drone Strikes, S&P Lawsuit and GOP Reinvention

February 8, 2013
We look at target killings, GOP internal battles and Dept. of Justice lawsuit against S&P.

U.S. Economic Recovery and Bipartisan Immigration Reform

February 1, 2013
We look at the state of the economy, the immigration reform push and Chuck Hagel’s hearing

The Backstory: The Untold Military Stories

November 20, 2012
Martha Raddatz, ABC News' Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent, discusses the military stories that have been overlooked during her time covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These include the stresses on the generals, the post-deployment crises, like rising suicide and divorce rates, and the waning interest of the American people in the wars.

Avoiding a Fiscal Cliff, and the Petraeus Scandal

November 16, 2012
A look at Obama's second term agenda, avoiding a fiscal crisis, and the Petraeus scandal

The Backstory: Obama's Wars

June 12, 2012
What is the Obama doctrine? Coming into office facing two wars, President Obama has embraced covert programs and new technologies that allow his administration to wage secret wars. Get "The Backstory" from David Sanger, The New York Times, on the secret cyber-war the U.S. and Israel are waging against Iran, how the president handled the Arab Spring and how Obama’s foreign policy has changed.

The Backstory: America Post-9/11

April 30, 2012
America post-9/11 has seen an unprecedented claim of presidential power. Military and intelligence elements have taken greater steps to strike potential national security threats. But are counterterrorism excesses eroding our civil liberties? Award-winning national security correspondent James Kitfield of National Journal analyzes one year after Osama Bin Laden’s death.

The Backstory: Martha Raddatz on General John Allen

March 19, 2012
U.S. Commander in Afghanistan General John Allen will testify before Congress this week about the progress of the war. ABC News Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz traveled with Allen in Afghanistan recently. What did she hear from the General? How are Afghans responding to the recent controversies involving American soldiers? Find out in our new feature: The Backstory.
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