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Full Interview: Ash Carter on a military turning point for women in combat

December 3, 2015
In a historic move, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced that all combat jobs in the U.S. military will now be open to women. Gwen Ifill sits down with Carter to discuss the decision, as well as the U.S. approach to the war on the Islamic State.
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Pentagon opens all combat roles to women

December 3, 2015
Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced today the Pentagon will open all combat roles to women starting in 30 days with "no exceptions." "We cannot afford to cut ourselves off from half the country's talents and skills. We have to take full advantage of every individual who can meet our standards," Carter said. "Women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before."
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Obama Unleashes Hunter-Killers on ISIS

December 2, 2015
Kimberly Dozier | The Daily Beast
The special ops forces that got Bin Laden, Saddam, and Zarqawi are finally being sent by the dozens to go after the Islamic State’s leaders. Can these troops turn the tide?
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Majority Oppose Syrian Refugees, Support Ground Troops to Fight Islamic State

November 25, 2015
Reid Wilson | Morning Consult
A strong majority of registered voters say they support sending American combat troops to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a new survey shows – and they don’t want Syrian refugees coming to the United States.
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Analysts Accuse CENTCOM of Covering Up Cooked ISIS Intelligence

November 24, 2015
Nancy Youssef, Shane Harris | The Daily Beast
Allegations are mounting that senior intelligence officials at Central Command not only skewed findings on the ISIS war to please D.C., but tried to hide what they did.
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Pentagon Expands Inquiry Into Intelligence on ISIS Surge

November 23, 2015
Mark Mazzetti, Matt Apuzzo, Michael Schmidt | The New York Times
When Islamic State fighters overran a string of Iraqi cities last year, analysts at United States Central Command wrote classified assessments for military intelligence officials and policy makers that documented the humiliating retreat of the Iraqi Army. But before the assessments were final, former intelligence officials said, the analysts’ superiors made significant changes.
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Looking ahead to the general election, Clinton takes hawkish stance on Syria

November 20, 2015
Anne Gearan, Karen Tumulty | The Washington Post
Hillary Clinton laid out a broad agenda Thursday for confronting the Islamic State terrorist network — and sent a larger signal that she intends to be a more aggressive commander in chief than President Obama, under whom she served as secretary of state.
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Obama Says Strategy to Fight ISIS Will Succeed

November 17, 2015
Peter Baker, Michael Shear | The New York Times
Time after time, the question was essentially the same: Why isn’t your strategy against the Islamic State working? And time after time, President Obama pushed back, trying to navigate a narrow path between expressing outrage at the “terrible and sickening” attacks in Paris and standing by an approach that he said would eventually succeed if given enough time.
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Paris Attacks May Prompt More Aggressive U.S. Strategy on ISIS

November 14, 2015
Peter Baker | The New York Times
When the Islamic State stormed onto the scene in Syria and Iraq, it seemed focused on seizing territory in its own neighborhood. But in the last two weeks, the so-called soldiers of the caliphate appear to have demonstrated a chilling reach, with terrorist attacks against Russia, in Lebanon and now in Europe.
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