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Joint Chiefs Chairman Urges 21-Day Quarantine for Troops Working in Ebola Zone

October 29, 2014
Helene Cooper, Michael D. Shear | The New York Times
Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recommended to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Tuesday that all members of the armed services working in Ebola-stricken West African countries undergo mandatory 21-day quarantines upon their return to the United States.
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U.S. arms crate bound for Kobani defenders may have fallen into Islamic State hands

October 22, 2014
Nancy Youssef | McClatchy Newspapers
At least one of the pallets of weapons the United States dropped Sunday to defenders of the Kurdish town of Kobani may have fallen into the hands of Islamic State forces, Defense Department officials conceded Tuesday.
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U.S. general: ‘It’ll take time’ to train new Syria force, reclaim Iraq turf, defeat Islamic State

October 20, 2014
Hannah Allam | McClatchy Newspapers
“It will take time.” That was the line used repeatedly Friday by the U.S. general leading the military campaign against the Islamic State, in his first news conference at the Pentagon since taking charge of Central Command last year.
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Voter ID Laws, Florida's Fan Debate, Cell Phone Privacy & Operation Inherent Resolve

October 17, 2014
Supreme Court rules on voting rights and Charlie Crist's traveling fan

Obama Names Ebola Czar, Economic Recovery Anxiety, Midterm Debates and ISIS Movement

October 17, 2014
Will the new Ebola Czar help contain panic and fears about the virus?
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Biden’s Son ‘Embarrassed’ Over Navy Ouster

October 17, 2014
Helene Cooper | The New York Times
Hunter Biden, the younger son of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., failed a drug test and was discharged this year from the Navy Reserve, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

Tackling Ebola Anxiety, Same-Sex Marriage Surge, Panetta on Obama, and Midterm Campaigning

October 10, 2014
America tackles Ebola on the global stage and fears at home.
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U.S. military: Airstrikes against ISIS won't save key city of Kobani

October 10, 2014
Elise Labott, Holly Yan, Josh Levs | CNN
U.S. airstrikes "are not going to save" the key Syrian city of Kobani from being overtaken by ISIS, said Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby.
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Gen. Dempsey 'Fearful' ISIS Could Take Over Key Syrian City

October 8, 2014
Martha Raddatz | ABC News
The nation’s top military leader said he is concerned that ISIS could soon take the key city of Kobani located on Syria’s border with Turkey. “I am fearful that Kobani will fall,” Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz
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