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Chris Christie

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Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump

February 26, 2016
Former presidential candidate Chris Christie​ endorsed his one-time rival Donald J. Trump​. "He is rewriting the playbook of American politics," Christie said.
Chris Christie
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The Triumphant Return of Chris Christie

February 8, 2016
Molly Ball | The Atlantic
Humbled by his struggling presidential campaign, can the once-mighty New Jersey governor vault back into contention after Saturday’s debate?

2016 race turns to New Hampshire; Clinton, Sanders debate "progressive" values; Cruz, Trump, Rubio lead Republican field

February 5, 2016
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate one-on-one. Republican race shakes up after Iowa.
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Chris Christie and Jeb Bush Team Up on a Mutual Target: Marco Rubio

February 4, 2016
Jonathan Martin, Michael Barbaro | The New York Times
Frustrated and flailing as his candidacy threatens to slip away, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is embarking on a scalding effort over the next week to discredit Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, the man he blames for undermining his campaign and whose ascendancy he deeply resents.
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Marco Rubio, Chris Christie battle for the middle

January 9, 2016
Manu Raju, Tal Kopan, Theodore Schleifer | CNN
Some lawmakers who have endorsed in the 2016 primaries have second choices, too.
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The GOP’s establishment candidates begin aiming at each other

December 30, 2015
Karen Tumulty, Ed O'Keefe, Philip Rucker | The Washington Post
With less than five weeks before voters begin weighing in on the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, the establishment contenders — who until now have been relatively restrained — have begun aiming their fire at each other.
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Trump’s latest targets: New Hampshire’s largest paper and its favorite candidate, Christie

December 29, 2015
Ed O'Keefe | The Washington Post
Using words such as "lowlife," "useless" and "sleaze bag," Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump lashed out Monday night at the publisher of New Hampshire's largest newspaper for comparing him to a movie bad guy and for endorsing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
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Jeb Bush Says He Was More Successful as Governor Than Chris Christie

December 23, 2015
Ashley Parker, Maggie Haberman | The New York Times
Jeb Bush took a direct jab at Gov. Chris Christie’s economic stewardship of New Jersey on Tuesday as he campaigned in New Hampshire, a sign of Mr. Bush’s growing anxiety about the rising stature of a rival whose campaign once seemed doomed.
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