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Affordable Care Act Improvements, Income Inequality, and Remembering Nelson Mandela

December 6, 2013
Improvement with Obamacare, Detroit's bankruptcy, the latest job numbers and Nerlson Mandela...

Gwen and Reporters Answer Viewer Questions

November 29, 2013
The viewers chime in as our Washington Week panelists answer questions on issues most important to you ...

Election '13 Takeaways, Healthcare Rollout Woes Continue

November 8, 2013
What were the lessons from the 2013 elections and what do they mean for 2014 and 2016?
Voice of the Voters

Voice of the Voters: Ohio University

November 2, 2012
President Obama and his GOP challenger Mitt Romney have campaigned in the battleground state of Ohio more than any other state this election season. However, neither candidate has spent much time in the Appalachian region of Ohio which is the poorest economic area and has...
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