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PBS NewsHour: Obama, Civil Rights Leaders Formally Dedicate MLK Memorial

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 Tens of thousands of people gathered Sunday in Washington to formally dedicate the National Mall's newest destination, a memorial honoring the life of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. Gwen Ifill reports.

Obama Heralds King's Return to National Mall

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Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president, on Sunday dedicated a memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. on the National Mall, where nearly 50 years ago the historic march on Washington became a defining moment in the civil-rights movement.    “For this day, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s return to the National Mall,” Obama said.  Read more

October 14, 2011

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As the GOP candidates debate economics, President Obama promotes his jobs plan. But with its defeat in the Senate, what’s next? Also, the strange story of an assassination plot against a Saudi Ambassador involving Iran and a Mexican drug cartel.
Joining Gwen: Karen Tumulty, Washington Post; Michael Duffy, TIME; Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics; James Kitfield, National Journal.

Obama and DNC Raise $70M in Third Quarter

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President Obama blazed past worries about a summer fundraising slump to collect $70 million for his re-election bid and for the Democratic National Committee, his campaign manager advised supporters in an email Thursday. The total was $15 million higher than a $55 million goal the campaign set for the summer quarter.

Obama Campaign Treating Romney Like Nominee — By Attacking

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Updated Republicans are months away from their first presidential primaries and caucuses, but the Obama campaign already is giving Mitt Romney the nominee treatment — trying to define him irrevocably as a shape-shifter, with an eye to the 2012 election.

Obama Pushes Jobs Plan as Senate Prepares to Vote

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President Obama continued the drumbeat for his jobs plan on Tuesday, even as White House officials acknowledged that the bill’s prospects in the Senate were tenuous and Mr. Obama himself vowed not to wait for Congress to advance ideas to get American back to work.

Obama to Run Against ‘Do-Nothing’ Congress If Jobs Legislation Fails

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Phil Schiliro, then the White House congressional liaison, put his boss on notice last year. One hurdle stood between him and the start of his re-election campaign: lifting the debt ceiling.

Emergency, Outrage, Impotence: Three Economic Truths Dawn on Obama

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President Obama told America on Thursday that the economy is sliding backward, that economic frustration is growing nationwide, and that he can’t get Congress to do anything about it by himself. No revelations there, except for the fact that it took Obama so long to articulate what his constituents have known intuitively for a long time now.

Making Case for Jobs Bill, Obama Cites Europe’s Woes

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In perhaps his most sober remarks about the economy this year, President Obama on Thursday described the weakening economy as “an emergency” and made the case for his jobs bill as “an insurance policy against a possible double-dip recession.”

Congress Asks for Obama's Emails on Solyndra

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Barack Obama is the first president to use e-mail, and now he has likely just become the first president to have his emails requested by investigators.