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Obama's trade bill narrowly clears a key Senate hurdle

May 22, 2015
Charles Babington, David Espo | Associated Press
In a triumph for President Barack Obama, sweeping legislation to strengthen the administration's hand in global trade talks advanced toward Senate passage Thursday after a showdown vote that remained in doubt until the final moment.
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Special Ops to Obama: Let Us Fight ISIS, Already

May 22, 2015
Kimberly Dozier | The Daily Beast
They’re supposed to be at the forefront of the battle against ISIS. But U.S. special operators say the Obama administration’s restrictive rules of war are harming their mission.
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Defending ISIS Policy, Obama Acknowledges Flaws in Effort So Far

May 22, 2015
Peter Baker | The New York Times
President Obama denied that the United States and its allies were losing the fight against Islamic State forces in the Middle East, but he acknowledged in an interview posted online on Thursday that more should be done to help Iraqis recapture lost territory.
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Boehner Urges Obama to Withdraw Request to Use Force Against ISIS

May 20, 2015
Ashley Parker | The New York Times
Just over three months have passed since President Obama sent a formal request to Congress for authorization to fight the Islamic State -- a measure that was largely considered dead on arrival and that has languished on the Hill ever since, seeming to please neither Republicans nor Democrats.
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Obama to limit military-style equipment for local police departments

May 18, 2015
Christi Parsons | Los Angeles Times
President Obama is banning the federal government from providing some military-style gear to local police

Senate Compromises on Trade Bill, Amtrak Crash Renews Infrastructure Debate, Jeb Bush's Iraq Stumble and Obama Meets with Arab Allies

May 15, 2015
Liberal Democrats and President Obama disagree about trade, funding U.S. transportation infrastructure and Jeb Bush distances himself from George W. Bush.
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House GOP leaders: 'Fast track' trade bill still alive

May 14, 2015
Susan Davis | USA Today
Top House GOP leaders were confident Wednesday that Congress will renew "fast track" trade promotion authority despite an early defeat in the U.S. Senate.
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Saudi Arabia Promises to Match Iran in Nuclear Capability

May 14, 2015
David Sanger | The New York Times
When President Obama began making the case for a deal with Iran that would delay its ability to assemble an atomic weapon, his first argument was that a nuclear-armed Iran would set off a "free-for-all" of proliferation in the Arab world. "It is almost certain that other players in the region would feel it necessary to get their own nuclear weapons," he said in 2012.
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