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Lawmakers take up Obamacare revision without an independent scorekeeper

March 9, 2017
Karen Tumulty, Max Ehrenfreund | The Washington Post
Two committees in the Republican-led House have begun drafting sweeping health legislation without the benefit of an objective estimate of its impact from the CBO.
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Trump Touts Defense Buildup, But Numbers Fall Short

March 4, 2017
Alexis Simendinger | Real Clear Politics
President Trump said the Navy “is going to soon be the largest it’s been” if Congress approves “one of the largest defense spending increases in history.”
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Trump touts spending plan, but promise to leave entitlements alone puts GOP in a quandary

February 28, 2017
Abby Phillip, Kelsey Snell | The Washington Post
President Trump is preparing a budget that would fulfill some of his top campaign promises by boosting military spending while cutting domestic programs.
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Trump to Propose 10% Defense Increase in Budget Plan, Aides Say

February 27, 2017
Shannon Pettypiece, Jennifer Jacobs | Bloomberg Politics
President Trump will propose boosting defense spending by $54 billion in his first budget plan and offset that by an equal amount cut from the rest of the government’s discretionary budget.
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Congress passes bill to avoid government shutdown

September 29, 2016
Manu Raju, Ted Barrett, Deirdre Walsh | CNN
Congress cleared a bill Wednesday to fund the government and the federal response to Zika, avoiding a potentially embarrassing government shutdown just weeks before the election.

Obama Year-End Wrap Up, Sanders Campaign Sues DNC, Congress Passes Spending Deal and Fed Raises Rates

December 18, 2015
Obama's 2016 agenda, Sanders staffer accesses Clinton records and a bipartisan vote in Congress
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A Little Something for Nearly Everyone

December 18, 2015
Jackie Calmes, Robert Pear | The New York Times
After much discussion and many delays, White House and congressional negotiators reached an agreement to make permanent more than 50 temporary tax breaks, or “tax extenders,” that had been repeatedly extended for only short periods to understate their long-term costs. Below are some highlights.
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House Plans Vote On Year-End, Must-Pass Tax And Spending Deal

December 16, 2015
Susan Davis | NPR
House Speaker Paul Ryan announced late Tuesday that negotiators had reached a deal on two sweeping pieces of legislation: a $1 trillion spending bill and more than $600 billion bundle in tax breaks.
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