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GOP may need House Dems to help resolve DHS funding impasse

February 26, 2015
Charles Babington | Associated Press
For all the talk of Republican House Speaker John Boehner being trapped by the quarrel over funding the Homeland Security Department, he holds a potential escape key, if he's willing to use it: cooperative Democrats.
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OMB's Donovan: Obama Open to Gas Tax Increase

February 6, 2015
Alexis Simendinger | Real Clear Politics
President Obama would work with Congress to raise the federal gas tax to help pay for road and transportation improvements, even though he presented lawmakers with an alternative funding proposal this week, his budget director said Thursday.
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Obama's wish-list budget doesn't make things easy for the GOP

February 4, 2015
Doyle McManus | Los Angeles Times
When one party owns the White House and the other holds Congress, the president's annual budget is a strange, almost fictional document. It's not a draft from which the real federal budget will be written; Congress controls that process from beginning to end. Instead, it's merely the president's announcement of what he'd do if Congress weren't there. It's a party platform with numbers.
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How will Republicans act on Obama’s budget proposals?

February 2, 2015
Gwen Ifill gets analysis from Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report and Nia-Malika Henderson of The Washington Post on President Obama’s budget proposal and the shifting landscape for 2016 GOP contenders, plus an update on the political battles over Obamacare.
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GOP Sen. Grassley: Obama's budget "isn't serious"

February 2, 2015
How are Republicans responding to President Obama’s 2016 budget? Gwen Ifill gets reaction from Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, on issues like sequestration, the deficit, infrastructure spending and economic growth for the middle class.
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Obama Budget Director Shaun Donovan: Our plan "will make paychecks go farther"

February 2, 2015
Shaun Donovan, the White House’s director of the Office of Management and Budget, talks to Gwen Ifill about whether President Obama’s budget proposal can find a political middle ground, especially when Democrats say “invest” and Republicans hear “spend.”
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Obama, GOP prep for next round of budget battles

February 3, 2015
Susan Davis | USA Today
President Obama's nearly $4 trillion budget blueprint is dead on arrival on Capitol Hill, but the administration's fiscal priorities are the opening salvo for what is shaping up to be a consequential year for the nation's finances.
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As Obama's Budget Arrives, GOP Will Try (Again) to Kill His Favorite Bill

February 2, 2015
Fawn Johnson | National Journal
Partisan contrasts are always stark on Capitol Hill, but rarely more so than they will be this week. President Obama unveils next year's budget proposal Monday, so congressional Republicans and Democrats will use it as a vehicle to tout their own very different ideas about the state of the nation's economy.
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Obama budget would fund public works program with tax on overseas profits

February 2, 2015
Ed O'Keefe, Steven Mufson | The Washington Post
President Obama will unveil a $4 trillion budget Monday, featuring an ambitious public works program, a one-time tax on foreign profits kept overseas by corporations, tax credits for middle-class Americans, and a 1.3 percent pay raise for federal employees and troops.
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