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U.S. Expands Footprint in Iraq, Assad Stays in Syria for Now and Budget Negotiations in Congress

December 4, 2015
Special forces headed to Iraq, Assad "an enemy we can work with," and Congress debates the budget.

Republicans Debate the Economy, Paul Ryan Elected House Speaker & Obama Authorizes Boots on Ground in Syria

October 30, 2015
CNBC hosts the third Republican debate, Rep. Paul Ryan replaces John Boehner, and Obama authorizes boots on the ground in Syria.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

Treasury Secretary Lew on Congress ‘coming to terms’ with the debt limit

October 28, 2015
The bipartisan budget deal passed by the House is the product of negotiations between Congressional leaders and the White House. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew sits down with Gwen Ifill to discuss how Congress achieved its moment of breakthrough, plus a rundown of some of the budget nuts and bolts.
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Why conservatives are upset about a budget deal that boosts the economy

October 28, 2015
Jim Tankersley | The Washington Post
At first glance, the budget deal struck by congressional leaders and the White House checks all the boxes for the sort of aisle-crossing, economy-boosting agreement that has long been the goal of Washington's establishment class. It trades short-term spending increases for long-run structural savings. It is projected to stimulate growth today, by boosting government spending, and also tomorrow, by reducing the growth rate of safety net programs and federal borrowing. In turn, that could stoke business confidence.
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White House, Congress Nearing 2-Year Budget Deal

October 27, 2015
Susan Davis | NPR
The White House and congressional leaders are close to reaching a two-year budget deal that would set new, higher spending caps and increase the nation's borrowing authority.
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Boehner: The goal is not to shut down government

September 11, 2015
John Harwood | CNBC
CNBC's John Harwood reports on House Speaker John Boehner's comments on government funding.
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Puerto Rico’s governor says island cannot pay back $70 billion in debt

June 29, 2015
Michael Fletcher | The Washington Post
The governor of Puerto Rico has decided that the island cannot pay back more than $70 billion in debt, setting up an unprecedented financial crisis that could rock the municipal bond market and lead to higher borrowing costs for governments across the United States.
From the Vault

President Obama visits Capitol Hill

Air Date: 
January 30, 2009
As President Obama travels to Capitol Hill to meet with Democrats about the trade negotiations, we look in our Vault to 2009 when the president headed to the Hill only a week after his inauguration.
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Pressure Rises for Higher Taxes

June 5, 2015
John Harwood | The New York Times
The Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley wants to raise capital gains taxes. His rival Bernie Sanders seeks to tax stock trades and increase personal income tax rates.
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