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Obama, GOP prep for next round of budget battles

February 3, 2015
Susan Davis | USA Today
President Obama's nearly $4 trillion budget blueprint is dead on arrival on Capitol Hill, but the administration's fiscal priorities are the opening salvo for what is shaping up to be a consequential year for the nation's finances.
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As Obama's Budget Arrives, GOP Will Try (Again) to Kill His Favorite Bill

February 2, 2015
Fawn Johnson | National Journal
Partisan contrasts are always stark on Capitol Hill, but rarely more so than they will be this week. President Obama unveils next year's budget proposal Monday, so congressional Republicans and Democrats will use it as a vehicle to tout their own very different ideas about the state of the nation's economy.
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Obama budget would fund public works program with tax on overseas profits

February 2, 2015
Ed O'Keefe, Steven Mufson | The Washington Post
President Obama will unveil a $4 trillion budget Monday, featuring an ambitious public works program, a one-time tax on foreign profits kept overseas by corporations, tax credits for middle-class Americans, and a 1.3 percent pay raise for federal employees and troops.
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Obama Budget Sets Up Battle Over Sequestration, Taxes

January 30, 2015
Alexis Simendinger | Real Clear Politics
President Obama on Monday will send Congress a nearly $4 trillion budget that seeks to increase federal spending aimed at middle-class Americans and offset the price tag through higher taxes on the well-off. The changes would take effect in the fiscal year that begins in October.
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Why Spending Is Back in Season in Washington

January 28, 2015
John Harwood | The New York Times
America’s partisan divisions are so familiar it sometimes seems the fight never changes. But on the federal budget, the battlefield has been transformed.
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Federal deficit falling to lowest in Obama presidency

January 27, 2015
Susan Davis | USA Today
The federal government's 2015 budget deficit will fall slightly this year to $468 billion, the lowest since President Obama took office, according to the annual budget outlook released Monday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
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Dave Camp drops a tax reform bill on his way out the door

December 24, 2014
Lori Montgomery | The Washington Post
On the final day of the final session of his 24 years in Congress, Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) released his magnum opus, the Tax Reform Act of 2014.
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Obama: Spending bill vital to government workers, especially military

December 16, 2014
Christi Parsons | Los Angeles Times
President Obama said Monday that the new government spending bill is important to U.S. troops and others serving the country and that he plans to sign the measure.
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