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Gay rights

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INSIGHT-US law firms flock to gay-marriage proponents, shun other side

June 10, 2014
Joan Biskupic | Reuters
As U.S. lawsuits seeking gay-marriage rights move toward a likely showdown at the Supreme Court next year, major law firms are rushing to get involved - but only on the side of the proponents. A Reuters review of more than 100 court filings during the past year shows that at least 30 of the country's largest firms are representing challengers to state laws banning same-sex marriage. Not a single member of the Am Law 200, a commonly used ranking of the largest U.S. firms by revenue, is defending gay marriage prohibitions.
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Two moms, a baby and a legal first for U.S. gay marriage

April 9, 2014
Joan Biskupic | Reuters
Last month a baby in Tennessee made history: Emilia Maria Jesty was the first child born in the state to have a woman listed on the birth certificate as her "father."
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The Religious Right's Failed Gay-Marriage Backlash

March 25, 2014
Molly Ball | The Atlantic
Frank Schubert tried to warn us. In 2012, after voters in four states took the side of gay marriage in ballot initiatives, Schubert, a consultant working for the National Organization for Marriage, was sure they would live to regret their choice.
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Push Behind Arizona 'Religious Freedom' Law Has Long History

February 27, 2014
Pete Williams | NBC News
The path to Arizona's proposed law that would allow businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians begins over twenty years ago in Oregon and winds through a photographer's studio in New Mexico. Two Native American men who worked at an Oregon drug rehab center were fired two decades ago for smoking peyote -- an illegal drug -- at a church service. They sued, claiming an exemption from the state's drug law, arguing that their use of peyote was part of a tribal religious ritual.
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How Important are Gay Rights to President Obama?

February 12, 2014
John Dickerson | Slate Magazine
As the White House prepares to host French President François Hollande for a rare state dinner on Tuesday, here are three questions to start the week:

Same Sex Marriage at the Supreme Court, Obama's Push on Guns

March 29, 2013
Supreme Court concluded arguments on gay marriage and Obama prods Congress on gun laws.
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Webcast Extra: Assault Weapons Ban and Republicans at CPAC

March 15, 2013
We look at new tensions in the gun debate, a new GOP senator supporting marriage equality.
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